Finally a funny episode of SNL. Thanks to Adam Sandler. I laughed more than in the whole previous episodes combined.

I just love how the TV show Billions is celebrating adult actress Cory Chase.

I predicted it the day, the Notre Dame was on fire. The first "architect" has come forward with the idea to put a minarett on top of the cathedral as an "apology to Algerian Muzzels."

@adam You‘ll find a pic of the Zürich Meetup in my profile timeline. Sadly noone was able to craft the heads-on-a-stick of JCD and you.
About the number of producers showed up I was anticipating and as Mrco sayd it was a nice meeting.

The Zürich Meetup was a success! Will be repeated in a few months time.
Thanks to all the participants, all fine producers of the best podcast in the universe.

Some people did something in Sri Lanka.

Ilhan Omar

Sir Philip knows about the meetup and he well attend with his dame.

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