Watching last night's MTV VMAs.

One question: Where in the world is Arianna Grande? The last few years she was hyped like the ultimate shit. Now: Not so much...

Well. After many years re-watching Utopia 2013 Season 1 again and currently on S02E03 and enoying it a lotl thanks, @Johncdvorak

Watching "The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"

Great documentation!

What a great band with extremely talented musicians. Back in the days, I didn't appreciate them enough.

After the guys were talking about Armie Hammer on the show I checked over at 's gossip site and they were talking about him a lot:

Liz Wheeler has left OANN a few months ago. Now she has her own YT Channel. Over that time the camera is going closer and closer on her face. She has a certain glow, right?

Is she pregnant?

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