last thursday JCD mentioned a website which lists the blocked/censored accounts. I can't rremember the name.

Any help, please?

Oh, look! One of the "thousands of sealed indictments" that @adam just loooooves to make fun of has been unsealed and SURPRISE...

It's the cunt Ghislaine Maxwell!

I'm under the impression, @adam has been watching the Hulu Show 'The Great'. There's an inflationary use of HUZZAH

The compulsatory urge is triggered.

I'm watching the and what do I see during the end-credits? A young @adam announcing a video from the NY Trio, where they filmed themselves and MCA painted every frame, resulting in a great music video.

The more documents get reveiled in the Flynn case, the more the whole Spygate theory looks like facts.

Been watching "Shelter in Place with Snowden" on youtube.
Looks like he has new glasses oder the nosebridge is fixed.

SNL reached the bottom. It's impossible to fall any deeper.
An already unfunny show with that effin' pedo (allegedly) as host got destroyed by that in memoriam for Hal Willner.

Biden is out.
Now is the time for vulture Hildabeast to swoop in and make a big stinking mark before the DNC congregation.

Watching the movie "Downhill".
1. It makes me miss wintersports, I only had the chance to go to the alps once last winter.
2. Never have I seen a movie, where they say HashtagNoAgenda more than in this one.

Regarding that Tiger thing on Netflix.
I've listened to the podcast about it last year. That's enough for me.

Remember that today is April Fool's Day and the internet will be lying to you more than normal.

"So the cat is all you're taking away from this?"

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Netflix tip: Spenser Confidential featuring Iliza Shlesinger
It's pretty gooood

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