After @adam was reporting on the latest episode of I was watching it too.
This skit was the best in my eyes, I actually laughed.

Thinking about Julian Assange. He
Received a sentence of 50 weeks in Belmarsh. Do I remember correctly that a few days ago I read an article that a judge prolongued it indefinitely?

Last night I dreamt I ate a large Marshmallow.

In the morning my pillow was gone.

I've just been watching "Long Shot" and I liked it a lot! Even though Seth Rogan is known as an ultra-libtard, there were a few political things in there where the leftists were shown as racists and haters of everything right of them.

The chemistry between the two main characters was surprisingly good.

A total recommendation!

Here's the female guest (starlet, Vani) I mentioned before.

Not all of the participants in Zürich. Some were shy, some were concerned about "privacy". Well, here's the group that obey'd.
Where's @adam??? 🧐

Well... looks line NOONE has a hint of an idea on how to add some images to events.

This leaves me no alternative as to post the pictures of the Zürich meeetup on this mastodon instance...

Get ready for some HOT images!

Oneof the most important tweets from @Potus in the last few years.

Maybe the programmer of is present here?
@adam has mentioned multiple times, that the users of the site would be able to add photos of events after the event happened. In the page "view" I see a section "Photos" but on the page "Edit" I don't see that section or a button to upload images.

Am I missing something?


Pics will be available at

Can somebody help and teach me how to add pictures to the past event? According to Adam and the Mueller Report it should be possible.

/2 A few hours weht by with discussions mostly in small groups where the NA insiders changed around and provided their insight to current happenings around the world and about Adam and John and the show.

Some hunger built up which was satisfied in a nearby burger joint and around midnight the group dissolved.

In a few months I will organize the next meetup at a new location, if I find an appropriate venue or at the same place again. We'll see...

Thank to all the participants!


"I'm still not gay"

Quick recap from the Meetup in Zürich last night. A small group found themselves at the Rivington Bar which grew to 10 people. Other oatrons in the bar grew curious about those men speaking freely about all possible topics. We were 4 Sirs and 6 former douchebags on their way to knighthood. Sadly no lady was present except an especially curious visitor. All her questions were answered courtiously and she went a happy camper with her jealous lover.

Visiting the in Zürich next Saturday?
Remember that the bar is on the street-level. No need to ride the elevator.

Next Saturday is a NA Meetup in Zürich.

Deets at

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