Listening to the segment on Ivermectin, I've been using the cream for 2 years for rosaceua, who knew it had so many uses. I pay 15 bucks but the price is $749 on the print out. Also known as Soolantra.

I work in and on major construction projects, installing the HVAC systems. One of the men on the crew was laid off and then reported he tested positive for Covid. Panic ensued Monday, it was comical.
The General Contractor running the project gave us 2 choices, if you don't have any symptoms you can just keep working, or if you get tested you have to stay away without pay until the results are in. Makes so much sense, if you are a moron. We tested negative and kept working.

How much of this is true, a lot has been discussed on the show.

Out of The Shadows Official Documentary

Jeff Jarvis is just so unlistenable, oofa. So blatent that he's on Google's teat and such a closed minded libtard.

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