Donald Trumps power will not come from being POTUS, rather he already has it and will control POTUS from the bully pulpit.

PS - you can bully pulpit from anywhere. Even jail.

Not sure how long this wording has been changed but I just noticed on our local tv stations website as I was checking the weather forecast for today/weekend - it’s now the climate forecast.

This just in, after finding an airport full of boxes, it turns out Liz Cheney actually won the primary.

Knights, Dames, Producers, and douchebags,

I need prayers for my cousin’s daughter Hailey.

She just had her son 8/9, was released from the hospital 8/11. Went back with high blood pressure and mini seizures (eclampsia). Was released this morning and just went back to the ER with symptoms of a stroke.
She’s got 4 little boys at home and our whole family is worried sick.

And yes, she got the heart dart 💔

Rick and Morty in season 6 , launching next month , have a podcast, use Shure-looking microphone:

Happy Anniversary to JCD and Mimi. So happy that you two found each other and continue on. And you two never had a fight. May the next thirty plus years be even more grand. Much love and many blessings to you and yours…

Does anyone really give a shit about the Ukraine skirmish (beyond how much your govt is spending on them)?

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