@mrman @Stridermcperson what a joy to run plumbing, wiring etc. through. Neat concept though.

>be USA
>build houses in bad quality wood
>typhoons, tornadoes and other disasters happens
>houses and buildings get destroyed
>build houses in bad quality wood again
Also the thermal bridges that exist due to the block system is simply enormous compared to more common way of insulation.
@DerSauerkraut @Stridermcperson
I'm dubious that these sort of compacted/glued wood have a better thermal isolation compared to what is done with either full wood or brick/green wool isolation.
@Gundog @DerSauerkraut @Stridermcperson @mangeurdenuage Looks like a simple to build house. Seems to work on the same concept as a mud brick house, just with more advanced materials.

Metal and windows are the biggest thermal conductors so as long as you have double glazing with polarised glass and avoid to much metal crossing of the insulation it will work.

I guess you need to render the outside to avoid weathering of the timber.

Not sure what the fire rating is as that would be my biggest concern living in a country that is on fire for a quarter of the year.
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