Lots of producers are sharing their stories with me. Many are out of a job or about to be. I’m going to start promoting NAS as a place to make connections. Let’s all be welcoming and helpful. Use hashtags to form ad-hoc groups. TYFYC

I'm done trying to get the art generator to work, I'm just posting shit here for the hell of it.

@adam Who can I contact to get access to the art generator? Not one of my email addresses will work, gmail, my personal domains, nothing.

WTF is up with the art generator? Gmail and actual fucking domains aren't valid email addresses?

Oh @jeremiah just in case you missed the perfect retort...

h/t to @NastyJack for the toot and @TomNovak for boosting it...

@adam DSC today was so good! Sorry I missed it live, I didn't realize it was on when it was. You've got some real skills with the music. So good, thank you.

Warrant proof encryption is how you avoid getting child porn planted on your systems by the FBI.

Friends, please pray from my brother John who is in dire straits and may not make it through the night.

Atlanta meet up was a success I would say!

Blackout in NY... Is Epstein still in his cell? Someone should check...

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