Yeeehaw! Just got my first Twitter ban for 'singing' 'You can stick your poison vaccine up your ass!' 😂 😂 😂

The mask mandate issued in Wisconsin was, and is, unlawful.

Free your faces.

@Johncdvorak I too use Ivermectin daily because of rosaceua. As a male it wasn't caused by giving birth, but it did start after I had my hip replaced at 52, my first surgery.

@Stinkfinger Oh man I finished the latest episode of that last week. Absolutely outstanding series.

I've picked up a copy of The Rising Sun that he quotes from throughout the series. I just started it, all 2000+ pages of it!

Sir Stinkfinger in the house, ITM GITMO nation! If you're into some good ol' mean muggin' stompin' on the floor with the angelic windpipes by a fellow knight, go straight to ->

@adam from "The idea was conceived by one Jerry Pournelle, a “science-fiction writer and space-weapons expert” sometime in the 1950s while employed at Boeing."

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