Dries Depoorter found live open cameras and matched them with Instagram photos that tagged the same location.

So in addition to seeing the Instagram photo, you can also see the video of when the photo was taken.


Senator Black (R-VA): Don't worry about the Elites during the nuclear war with Russia. They will be fine.


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Use a dedicated IRC Client. Stop using the web-interface. Would you like to know more?

No Agenda Troll Room Information


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You can use hexchat or icechat if youre on windows to get to the trollroom :).

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No, the vaccines never worked all that well against severe Covid

Also, they nearly DOUBLED the risk of coronavirus hospitalizations after the first dose; the figures come from huge and (until now) unnoticed British study


A few weeks ago, @Johncdvorak pasted on here Chapter 2 of a Deep Dive by BXBulletTV into the 4th of July mass killing of parade watchers in Highland Park, Illinois.

She has now released Chapter 4, Part 1 of her expose.


Man Working in Homeless Shelter Gets Hacked Up by Homeless Man with Two Swords


Postal Service conducted SURVEILLANCE on protesters with anti-Biden agendas and who pushed gun rights, shocking report claims


Fox News Loves Amnesty for Illegals! by Ann Coulter

Because NOTHING is more important than proving to liberals that you're not "racist."


Pediatric Charge nurse of 13 years was fired for asking "why aren't we reporting to VAERS?" Regarding the influx of children with myocarditis.


Former U.S. Sec. of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson on border numbers: “When I was in office, the numbers were annually about 300K, 400K a year, we are now getting that in a manner of 6 to 8 weeks.”


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