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In 1986, Congress gave vaccine manufacturers immunity from liability for deaths and injuries caused by vaccines. It established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which is administered by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Since 1988, $4.4 billion has been paid to victims or their heirs by the federal government!

Here is a link to the Vaccine Injury Table from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims:

Tucker Carlson: Biden's choice of advisers reveals his plans for US

“The Election Is Over – The Attacks On Our Voting System Really Need to Stop” – Right on Time, Dirty Paul Ryan Hits Trump at Virtual EU Conference

Biden taps former Secretary of State Kerry to serve as 'climate envoy'.

Tucker and Dr. Robert Epstein: What effect did Big Tech have on the 2020 presidential election?

Tucker: Dems used the power of Big Tech to win presidential election

Maria Bartiromo is absent from her "Mornings With Maria" show on Fox Business Channel this morning. Sitting in for her is her sidekick, Dagen McDowell. Unfortunately, McDowell is "all in" on Covid-1984 vaccinations.

There are Stop The Steal rallies is every State capital every weekend. Find the rally in your State here:

"The Great Reset" translates to "Scrap America and its 244-year history and start over."

Rep. Nunes on alleged voting irregularities and Biden's push to get access to intelligence briefings.

NYC Dead Stay in Freezer Trucks Set Up During Spring Covid-19 Surge!

Hundreds of bodies are still in storage at pandemic disaster morgue on Brooklyn waterfront!

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