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@Atom_Rocket i feel like a moron.

i already knew what your name "The Wow! Signal" meant but i didn't connect the two until just now.


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Is anyone down for a NoAgenda Tokyo Meetup?

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(contextless) random private conversation ends with: "cryptowhites"

@dcgirl @chris yeah quarterly meetup would be fine, if you all were still interested in that idea.

knight name open for canucks:

Sir Up Delicious

no offense @NICKtheRAT, some sewers are better than others.


i'm going to hazard that alex jones being banned from sosh meeds is a good thing.

let us all be rejected from their shit hole. it would be best for our collective health.

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@adam thanks for reading the shoutout to @subzero and me thanking us for No Agenda Lite.

You should probably update the link in the Show Notes credits section from itm.im/opus to noagendalite.glump.net/

I think itm.im is dead. :^(

Everyone remember you can find most NA resources cataloged at gitmolist.org/ .

ah... the rainstick has delivered all summer. been good, cool, if a bit humid, times.

@adam finally got around to taking a picture of my knight ring:

australia for felons only. everybody else with no criminal or petty criminal histories



*public service announcement by her majesty's autonomous corrections administration of australia

listening to sjws and anti-sjws try to out-sjw each other.


well, at least they all share something.

@tmy oh you got pleroma up and running?

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you will tune in an hour tune hour in will you you will nicktheratradio.com