Will you cunts stop with the gopher, and gopher knockoffs? It's fucking poison.


I’m supposed to believe that Daneel Olivaw, a *robot* build in the year 21-something, and still around after so long that earth is barely even a fable, is having a religious experience because of some vague mumbo-jumbo and some ochre robes? WTF is this!?

If you start destroying peoples’ lives because they don’t want to take some medicine, expect some of them to start setting fire to things.

se dire ecolo tout en favorisant l'utilisation fossile, un vrai tour de passe passe de professionnels

Is it me or does Sri Lanka’s national anthem a) run longer than Inna Gada Da Vida, and b) include a verse of “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”?

I am not "exempt" from a rule I don't recognize. Free men do not ask for permission to be spared tyranny, we reject it outright.

Not one inch from me you sons of bitches!

The idea that wearing trousers instead of a skirt is going to stop some cunt from raping kids is *fucking hilarious* you guys, keep it up.

If nobody can tweet photos of empty shelves, everybody eats, right? Right?

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Grocery stores putting up cardboard photos of food as if empty shelves are only real if people see them is the perfect embodiment of the fall of western civilization.

@Sophistifunk Quinton de Kock became the fourth player to score three successive one-day centuries and the second player to score four ODI centuries before his 21st birthday.

A South African international cricketer and former captain of the Proteas in all three formats. Playing for the Titans at the domestic level, Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League and South Africa at international level. He was named the Cricketer of the Year at Cricket South Africa's 2017 Annual Awards.

Just sayin'

I know she’s evil. But I would fuck the everloving shit out of Psaki. That crazy ginger moll could definitely get the D.

Zampa’s haircut just stole the stereo out of your car.

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