Whenever you see an article / video entitled "How Singapore solved/beat X" the answer is always "dictatorial control"

Mastodon has something pretending to be private messages now? Or did it always have it and I just never saw it?

The best thing about all these cryptoscams going on right now is that it highlights how almost all financial products, mainstream or otherwise, exist mostly as a veneer to hide plain old gambling.

Every commie out there thinks that after the fight, they're gonna be Stalin, not Trotsky.

I'm shocked to find that "marxist" "leaders" are actually rich AF, and only want everybody else to own nothing. Shocked. Like this is *totally different* from all those other marxist leaders who selflessly gave up power and possessions in their struggles for the people.

@Sophistifunk Yeah - Shaq Fu was . . . really bad. Really, really bad. And Kazaam. And what about "What's Up Doc, Can We Rock?"

You know, I'd rather just forget about this section of history.

Shaq really does seem like a great guy, but *every* product with his name on it from the 90s is terrible.

If you are listening to emotionally charged music layered on top of speech, you are probably listening to bullshit.

Psst, want some really cool free software that will keep you free?

Maybe instead of telling the imf to forgive debt, hear me out, the pope sells off a few feet of the SOLID GOLD CITY STATE in which he lives, and uses that money instead of self-righteousness.

I remember back in the 90s when they had to rejigger all the servo signs to add an extra digit when the 99c/litre threshold was just around the corner.

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