Some things require a special kind of retarded to appreciate. And a uniquely cynical breed of cunterry to perpetuate.

It's true. Monday implies Friday. Communism is Wednesday every day forever.

The history remains fuzzy but there appears to have been a significant shift around what historians refer to as The Kamala

I wish I could read the explanations future linguists cook up for that time millenials and zoomers replaced the full-stop with "haha"

How many variations on Groundhog Day need to be made before they collapse in an ironic singularity?

95% of /r/Brisbane is various forms of "how can I rat my neighbours out to some authority to make them do as I want"

Turtles, all the way down. Only, instead of turtles, is communism and other forms of "he has more stuff than me" butthurt.

Aaaaaand there it is. Dig through enough layers of autism and it's always fucking "because glorious proletariat, comrade"

Everybody must stop using github because REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Some fuckhead at ghostery updated it to block reddit. GG, fags. Now you are baleeted.

“All hail the most magnificent and magnanimous empress Theodora, beloved of Byzantium, and of Rome…”

I would support the shit out of a burger joint that has a no-furries policy.

Nothing like a snack pack on a Saturday night.

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