Iโ€™ve got to stop asking questions about NextJS. The answers are never good. I wish we had never adopted it.

[ knocks on door ]

Excuse me ma'am, but have you accepted Gun Jesus into your life?

The more experienced you get at programming, the more questions you need to ask. When you know there's 8 different ways to do something, you wanna make sure you're doing it the same was as everybody else on the team so they can find it later.

Fedi-speaking, I find the hosts with the most nazis also tends to haz the most cunny funts, so it's a mixed bag.

Fuck those cartoon kiddie porn hosts tho.

Because ya know, the people at the literal fringes of third-world society, who hunt in the literal wilds and sell at markets for cents a day, those people totally know the WHO exists, and beyond that they're interested in anything they say.

**WHO urges pause in market sale of captured live wild animals**

"Geneva, April 13 The United Nations' health agency on Tuesday urged countries to suspend the sale of live animals captured from the wild in food markets as an emergency measure, saying wild animals are a leading source of emerging infectious diseases like theโ€ฆ"


#news #bot

Is Manbearpig immune to covid-19? I'm super super cereal.

I wish somebody would tell me what's wrong with Weinstein's theory, rather than what's wrong with Weinstein's attitude and his desire not to take part in traditional publication channels.

I think we need something in-between chat rooms and a wiki. A little less stream of noise you dip into (or miss out on), a little more artefact that people work on.

Starting to think that while mastodon isn't as bad for society as the bird, maybe it's mostly as bad for us individually.

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