I can see them at the Skull-hats-co annual corporate Christmas party pointing fingers at each other like a chain of bottom-feeding spideys.

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People who fake being “influencers” using bought likes, and then take money and attention from advertisers to shill products to users that aren’t real, are…. Goddamned fucking heroes. Any time some asshole marketing company has to pay money to spam someone who doesn’t actually exist, society is a little better off.

Little Dewalt 18v blower is excellent for waking the fire up whenever it gets a little low and smokey.

Letterman aside, Warren Zevon never got the level of props he deserved.

It ain’t lakeside in the country, but this is what we got

I was supposed to spend this arvo sitting by a lake with a fire, barbecuing and smashing piss with the wife. So we’re gonna give it our best shot in the backyard.

I feel like Australians are under constant assault, and it’s not from any sort of virus.

So much for the long weekend away, thanks Big Brother.

@Sophistifunk That's very funny! Many years ago when we lived in England, there were sheep baa'ing away in the paddock of the farm right next to us. One night my husband opened the window and made a very loud BAAA BAAA, and 100 sheep went dead silent for about 5 seconds. Good times.

I just shut like 6 geese up with a belch, feeling pretty good about myself right now, NGL.

Saw the PM on tv but didn’t listen, what kind of new tyranny have these assholes thought up now?

I’m trying to think up a way to attach a long aluminium tube to a bulbinator so I can use a bulb to jump start barbecues.

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