This one from the ABC.... Australian media trying to whip some sentiments
Like George Floyd, this man's uncle died saying 'I can't breathe'. His family want Australians to be outraged

Some friends and I are playing a game where we are trying to come up with the best collective noun for podcasters. The best we have so far is ..... A Distitute of Podcasters... any toppers? @adam

Considering Joe Rogans "licencing" agreement with Spotify. One wonders if the texts between Joe and @adam that caused Tina's annoyance, were in fact Adam explaining what a double Irish Dutch sandwich was?

Does anyone know where the genocide quote is from, I've found the rest

With no poker machines, sports or racing, Aussies have found something to bet on

.....and our increasingly better looking hookers still not allowed out, but you can go to boot camp

Funniest message from my quarantined WhatsApp group today... "I think Trump is going to crack this anyway, the way he is fast tracking approval for things, we may have horns growing out of our heads by Christmas, but we won't have Corona"

Peirs Morgan has called for martial law, Scott Adams wants people's every movement to be tracked by the government.... maybe it is the apocalypse.

Boots on the ground Report from Forli, Emilia-Romangia via my mother in law.. They have closed all the parks, and the police are patrolling the parks and streets with that's right ...drones . Drones, coming to a street near you. @adam

Anyone else find this eerie.... China, Iran Italy

And another Scott Adams gem "I am on the front line" referring to the fight against Wuhan Flu.... Did a cape come with his whole foods delivery? @adam

Northern Italy?? I lived in Refredi for 4 years which is just down the road from Willow. Ask her how many Chinese live in Prato. There is a racist Italian saying in Toscana, A China man in Prato never dies. ( meaning if a chinese dies in Prato he is just replace by another one) @adam

What's the opposite of a rain stick? Shake it now or I'll need to build a boat and start collecting animals @adam

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