What's going on with Florida? A government making sense.

This is why Tim Pool is my hate listen. He spends 20 minutes bloviating about the Chicago PD and how they must not submit...... from the guy who contorts himself every which way to abide by YouTube's anti free speech rules to protect his income.... who is the Ukraine whistle blower Tim? What's his name?

[Tim Pool Daily Show] S5210 - Democrats PANIC As Thousands Of Police Defy Vaccine Mandate, Target Their Retirement In Retaliation
podcastaddict.com/episode/1300 via @PodcastAddict

Who are the people telling Scott Adams not to swear on his podcast? I only listen for the off chance he calls Nancy Pelosi a c$%t again.

Tonight on National Pulse.... Listen to a English dandy millennial fail to land a joke while trying to chat up an annoyingly voiced zoomer.

Looks like Colin Powell lost the coin flip with Bill Clinton....... Bubba appears to have 9 lives.

The federated timeline....it has that internet 1998 feel.

........ and for all the plaudits that came out for Gupta for having the guts to front up to Rogan and take it like a man, to run back to the warm embrace of Don Lemon and his corporate over lords and recant was perfect irony

I was proud of Rogan with Gupta. He landed a great punch. That clip has been playing from Shapiro to Dore.

Just when you think it is bad, it gets worse. Go fuck yourself Greta.

News from the family in Italy. Natural Gas prices doubled overnight in the town of Forli. This is the second time in 3 months. Shit is going to get real this winter in the northern hemisphere. Stock up on fuel if you can

I used to get jealous that northern hemisphere people got to see legendary bands in their prime, Emperor, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Mayhem... they would rarely if ever come to Australia....... now its Tom Woods 2000.

The Australian media takes its ques from American media, here is an example of the "right wing extremists" in Melbourne today. Only in this dystopian society can a UNION uprising be swallowed by the masses as right wing

Aussies are a laid back people, till they're not.

California, a place where you can turn out the lights, turn off the taps, set it on fire and then win in a landslide. California uber alles!!!

Its amazing how fast you can get vote counts when they are going the way you want them to.

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