@SnakeMcDuckets guess the bottom line is more important than lives

Sad 😢

@SnakeMcDuckets -- At the end of the day, it is just a business.

@SnakeMcDuckets -- 5 0'Clock is a small image in the rear view mirror.

@SnakeMcDuckets before you oil yourself, just ask "is this good for the company?"

@AdamAtSea just make sure your calendar is up to date and projects are on track. Don't want to leave a heavy workload.

@SnakeMcDuckets Vaxx deaths now branded as suicides. And loss in productivity is the rest of slaves wondering which one of them is next.

@DewsNews @SnakeMcDuckets Better get those suicide nets up. The cheapest, most effective way to make sure you don't steal productivity from the company by killing yourself!

@SnakeMcDuckets What happened to Dave? Suicide... Wasn't he retiring next week?

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