Lord help us. Seriously. Pure evil to put this in peoples heads. Truly criminal.

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Raised Protestant, I became agnostic as an adult but since the start of the plandemic I have started to become a believer. There's an evil force taking hold on people. Call if what you will but the death cult is real.

@TechyDog What you describe. Your experience in finding faith or "belief" as u put it is a very common occurance. Ur not alone.

@SnakeMcDuckets These are hateful angry people who didn't need much encouragement to go from "were all in this together" to "I want you to die a painful horrible death".

You can't reason with them, you can have a nuanced opinion. You can't speak with them because they don't think you are human.

@LouisFriend you speak truth. 100% accurate. They want u dead and they are not open for debate.

@SnakeMcDuckets Yes, people shouting "We want freedom!" are doing so because they are COVID deniers...

@SnakeMcDuckets >we'll keep your family from talking to you except over a phone
>we'll put you on a ventilator and remdesivir so that you die, while giving actually effective prophylactics to the vaccinated
>we'll make this nurses-dancing-on-your-grave tiktok video like covid is airborne ebola, to justify our lockdowns that have and will contribute absolutely nothing to your health
>you should've just gotten a bunch of blood clots and joined the "excess dead", you DENIER
@SnakeMcDuckets funny though how the ones that actually experience those are the ones who took the clot shot
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