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this one:

this one and do not ignore the coupon

per JCD

I've set my A/C from 72-60 and the fan from 2 to 4 and the temp in my living room has gone UP 2 degrees! I'm glad I don't have to charge my car as it may not be charged enough to get me to work on Mon with the way they are cutting back the power.
Oh, BTW, this is supposed to last til at least 8pm Monday night, so I can definitely see some blackouts in areas of NYC over the next few days.

I am officially fed up with summer. I despise this season more and more every year and can't wait til I retire so that I can become a hermit for 3 months of the year, and may farthest journey outside will to go pick up the grocery delivery. Any temp above 70 is too fucking warm, give me 30-50 all year.


Can you provide a link for the Beelink that you purchased?

Looking for an inexpensive Windows machine for some work related stuff that can't be done on a Mac.

Sonnie Johnson on The Gutfeld Show mentioning the WEF and Bugs

Audio Only

sorry about the cutoff, still learning

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Single ticket in a Chicago suburb won the $1.33Billion Mega Millions.

I wonder how many illegal guns that will buy?

I got caught in the middle of two Red Tailed Hawks trying to get breakfast this morning. One flew past me on my right side and seconds later one flew over my left shoulder, as I stopped somewhat startled one then flew right across my path to scatter the squirrels then the second one took of trying to snatch one of the frightened squirrels, but to no avail. They perched themselves on a some fencing and tried unsuccessfully an second time before heading off for another location.

Bruce Dickinson retires as Iron Maiden’s pilot

The singer has jetted Iron Maiden, their crew and equipment around the world on their own Boeing 747 passenger jet for more than a decade – thanks to his second job as a commercial airline pilot. But when the band embark of their next round of tour dates later this year, it won’t be Dickinson at the controls.

These are basics. We set expectations with all employees. We need their home life to further encourage that this is the normal part of working, as well as showing up and showing up on time.

We don’t expect people to work their life away . But, we don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask people to work 3-4 shifts per week. If you’re not able to do this, it may not be the position for you. A paycheck is earned, not given as a handout.

We have always hired younger workers. We are happy to do this. However, we need parents support - this means please teach them that customer service is required, you cannot be on your phone (and may not be able to check your snap chat for several hours *gasp*), must show up on time, have to count change back, clean, stock, etc.


Does anybody want to work? No,
So, if anyone wants to work, please reach out. We can’t have any more people just text the morning of and quit their job. We are very fair on scheduling and working around schedules but one day per weekend is required. We are open seven days a week through the end of September, and have full time hours available immediately. If you’re interested, stop by this weekend or send us a message! 👍
Thank you for your continued support!

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From a small business owner

but really….
We get it. The workforce is difficult for everyone. This is a business. Showing up is required. Working during your shift is required. Like everyone, we rely on employees to remain open and provide service as quickly for everyone as we can. We work day in and day out but need others to work, as well.

Monkeypox: Governor Hochul declares gay sex a 'disaster emergency' in New York in response to outbreak (edit)

New York's health commissioner has declared the monkeypox outbreak is an "imminent threat," and she issued an urgent message to the gay community and said health officials need to "sound the alarm" on NY1 Friday.

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