I wonder if in a decade or so they will determine that if you were vaccinated you can't be an organ donor?

If federal employees and contractors are mandated to be vaccinated would being unvaxxed prohibit you from serving on a federal jury?

If I understand how things work, there should be a huge spike in Covid cases in Ann Arbor in two weeks, and thus Gov. Whitmer, will try to impose a lockdown until after New Years

Just a question for the legals out there.
Is there anything stopping those that were shot and killed by Kyle Rittenhouse from suing him in civil court for wrongful death?
I ask this because if he is to sue the media for millions, what is to stop the families of the deceased from suing him for those millions?

Why has nobody mentioned that The Wizard of OZ is currently showing on TBS?

If we're getting a new variant for the Holidays, but the CDC is phasing out the current PCR "test" for a new and improved one, how will we know if the new test will be able to detect this new variant?

“The department is aware of the seriousness of the allegations and took immediate action upon learning of this incident,” LAFD spokeswoman Cheryl Getuiza told the LA Times., declining to comment further on the Nov. 18 incident.

Getuiza confirmed that the firefighter is currently on paid administrative leave and “will face the consequences of any inappropriate acts,” but would not elaborate on his reason for leave, according to The Times.


I can't wait to see how much this is going to cost for 70,000 homes.

The South Fork Wind project, located about 19 miles off Block Island, R.I. and 35 miles east of Long Island, will generate about 130 megawatts of power once complete, enough to supply electricity to about 70,000 homes


Ordered a dinner for 4-6 from Boston Market for myself (I plan on having leftovers), but after working all night I'm in no mood to prepare it. I think I'll cook it this weekend when I'm off and in it's stead I've ordered a "Thing" sandwich, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy.

With that in mind Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families


I've been up since 5 am, 19 hours and now I have to stay up until 3 am or so since I work midnights, I should do some laundry, but I really don't have the energy to go up and down 14 floors every 30 minutes to do it.

If any of you missed the breakdown of the Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian, that lasted an hour here is your 3 minute warning for a two hour breakdown of Jethro Tull's Aqualung


At 9pm EST on Instagram a track by track breakdown of The Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian and Jethro Tull's Aqualung will take place. Put on your headphones and take a break from the world for an hour or so.


My BF from HS lives in WI. I had to check and see if Waukesha was near where he lives as his two daughters fall into the age range of those targeted. Thankfully he lives over 100 miles away.

Hoping that all those affected by this can recover and that the bastards that did this meet a deserving fate.

A cafe near my residence is hosting Drag Bingo this afternoon. I have no idea if I need to dress in drag to participate and I'm afraid to ask as I may be labeled or ridiculed because of my ignorance. I think it's best if I just stay home and listen to music and relax

Changed my mind on the music selection
Van Morrison Latest Record Collection Vol 1
Mellencamp Other People's Stuff
Whitesnake Blues album
Reb Beach A View From the Inside
Blue Oyster Cult The Symbol Remains

I bought myself a factory refurbished 6 disc CD changer and it arrived yesterday evening, by the time I connected it, it was past the time to throughly enjoy it (I'm not as young as I used to be). Today during the later AM hours I will load it up with the first 6 Van Halen disc' and enjoy myself like I did when I could party all night long and be functional the next day.

I've seen TSO almost every Christmas season since 2010 or so. I'll have to skip this year due to NYC's vaccine mandate, plus the ridiculous fees that make an $83 ticket become $115 before parking. With all that said, the 2012 tour and stage was probably my favorite, and the whole show can be found on the You Tube. For a taste, here's Jay Pierce singing Christmas Dreams


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