US birth rate has declined since baby boom. It's now at all time lows.

Humans have formed lifetime partnerships with dogs since paleolithic era.

American urbanization has always been in increasing. It's now at its all time high.

Urban & rural cultures are different, and different customs and behaviors exist in each culture.

Dogs are generally welcome most rural places and unwelcome most urban places.

These are 5 independent facts. Despite any correlations, none caused any of the others.

The observation that bullshit service animal exceptions to urban cultural norms are at an all time high is true enough.

It is does not represent a sinister plot to make America die off and squander its wealth on long term medical care for senior citizen rottweilers.

It is the natural expected result when two long term trends cross. American dog ownership rate in rural cultures is, I assume, fairly steady, but far more Americans than ever live in cities where dogs are not welcome. Do the math.

Yet in rural places, at least that I know of, dogs are not considered "kids" or "family".

They are loved, but are ANIMALS

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