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This is a little known but excellent resource. For 20th century US history go here instead of Wikipedia. All the work of one dude. Every article leads to a Wiki-style rabbit hole of links.

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I approve of the following sources:

The Corbett Report and anything James Corbett has ever published. If you haven't watched his documentaries "How Big Oil Conquered the World" and "Why Big Oil Conquered the World" and "Rockefeller Medicine", they are extremely eye opening. Great gateway to conspiratorial history.

Peace Revolution Podcast by Richard Grove. Richard Grove, along with Corbett, is a top scholar in this field.

Grand Theft World podcast (on now!). I don't endorse Lab Leak, however.

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Floating with the popular current of thought without questioning the reliability of its conclusions, we do what others do, say what others say and believe what others believe. Common consent is the only contagion that makes disease-catching.

Good news everyone! Catalyst2030 is now focusing on catalyzing transformative systemic change to food supply chains.

Catalyst2030 has a bizarre structure. It is ruled over by the Secretariat. The Secretariat is currently the One Family Foundation. OFF's focus seems to be on "helping" children by creating free hotlines a child can all for help. If there's one thing spooks love to do, it's helping vulnerable children who don't have anyone protecting them.

Wait, why is this child delivery service the Secretariat of Catalyst2030??? 🙈

Catalyst2030 is pushing this open letter on how they want to transform NGO/philanthropy funding. Basically, make grants longer and more open-ended. Possibly up @TheKeeper's alley.


Skoll World Forum 2019 focused on accelerating Systems Change.

The special top result in Google for "Systems Change" is Catalyst 2030, a group devoted to accelerating the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

I wonder if any transformational changes to society were accelerated soon after 2019.

It's not a conspiracy it's a collaboration you consiracy theorists

The Skoll World Forum holds WEF style forums every year. Uncanny prescience of course.

2019 the theme was "Accelerating Possibility" with discussion panels like "Accelerating Systems Change: Making Possible Real" where they talk about how to catalyze change the status quo in complex systems like economies.

Note: "Systems Change" is a spook shibboleth. Like "stakeholder" or "sustainable", anyone who says the word is a spook.

Also in the Jeff Skoll Group rabbit hole of spook fronts: Participant film studio. Any film or show they produce should be presumed to be NWO propaganda. Yet another piece of evidence that Snowden is probably an op - the Citizenfour movie is one of them. Also Inconvenient Truth, a Sandy Hook movie, an overpopulation movie, bunch of climate movies...

In April this year, the journal Spook, er um, Vaccine had an entire issue devoted to Pacific Eclipse. All the articles are free including:

Perceived public health threat a key factor for willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Australia


Vaccinating Australia: How long will it take?


Trust in government, intention to vaccinate and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: A comparative survey of five large cities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia

I found another uncannily prescient tabletop exercise, Pacific Eclipse held in December 2019. Participants were from US, UK, Canada, Aus and NZ. Ahem.

Conclusions: need more surveillance, law enforcement, speedy diagnosis, social distancing, PPE, and border controls.

I found this in a rabbit hole of Jeff Skoll who has dozens of nefarious "philanthropies"



Site says 2016 in Maldives. Paper says 2019 in US cities.

The NoAgenda gay community is fucking retarded if they are getting monkey shots. It doesn't help that the show is not questioning whenever monkeypox exists

@adam @Johncdvorak

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP of vaccine development at Pfizer, concludes that Sars-Cov-2 does not exist. Further he now believes that RESPIRATORY VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST.

I still can't find a single local news story about the incident that completely shut down I15 for 3 hours Saturday morning. However I found the CHP dispatch log. Between that and what I saw, I can say what happened:

Descending a long grade in 106F+ heat, truck's trailer brakes were so hot that they caused lithium battery inside to explode. Log said "UPS LITHIUM BATTERIES". Not sure if UPS truck or Uninterruptible Power Supply.

I suspect conduction from brakes made shipping container an oven.


Do you dispute Kary Mullis's assertion that the polymerase chain reaction process is not suitable for clinical viral testing?

If yes, do you have a source that explains why Mullis was wrong?

If no, how do you know you had "Covid" twice? How do you know what "variant" you had? How do you know who "gave it" to you. What is "it"?

If your answer is "because I've never had cold symptoms like this, it feels different", have you ever taken a course of antiparasitic drugs when u had a cold?


Literally no other roads

102 and riding

H3 manual transmission

A/C not working

Move 10 ft wait 30 secs move 6 ft....

@adam Department of Education wants AR15s because they need something to do with their hands after they jump out of the MRAPs

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