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The word coronavirus literally means corona poison, i.e. a poison that affects coronas. Whatever the reason for its name, that is the literal meaning of the word. Corona poison.

Wild horse populations on BLM lands are controlled by injecting them with multiple doses of PZP weeks apart.

PZP is the Zona Pelucida from pig oocyte (in ovary). Injecting PZP causes autoimmune response that breaks the oocyte corona radiata.

It is corona poison.

Pic of oocyte:

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I approve of the following sources:

The Corbett Report and anything James Corbett has ever published. If you haven't watched his documentaries "How Big Oil Conquered the World" and "Why Big Oil Conquered the World" and "Rockefeller Medicine", they are extremely eye opening. Great gateway to conspiratorial history.

Peace Revolution Podcast by Richard Grove. Richard Grove, along with Corbett, is a top scholar in this field.

Grand Theft World podcast (on now!). I don't endorse Lab Leak, however.

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There is no such thing as infectious disease.

Contagion is superstition.

If you have a John C Dvorak type reaction to this (call it bullshit without researching it), I know you won't read a book about it.

At least just watch the first 15 minutes of this video. Fundamentally, this is an issue of LOGIC not laboratory science. How do you know that something exists?

John C Dvorak types won't watch this because bitchute is in the URL. Youtube banned it, sorry.

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This is the craziest fucking thing I've ever read, only because it is definitely real, and definitely implemented. Even if the author were not a high priest in the satanic church, it would be mind blowing.

Everything from chemtrails to hypnosis by EMF to Smith Mundt Act.

PSYOP is what grandpa did. Meet MindWar

@adam this is a must-read

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Floating with the popular current of thought without questioning the reliability of its conclusions, we do what others do, say what others say and believe what others believe. Common consent is the only contagion that makes disease-catching.

Once in a while the internet is still pretty damn cool 🐙

Watch "Nautilus Live | Channel 1 Stream" on YouTube

Here is a Christmas card a neighbor put on everyone's front door last year at this time.

It's shit like this that got me to take the book of Revelations seriously for the first time ever. HOW DO IT KNOW.

NATO webinar in which a sexy Italian teaches Psycho-Social Dynamics of Social Media aka Let's Get Social for spooks. @MoeFactz will find some gems in it.

The school shooting is fake. My only evidence is highlighted in yellow

It is your desire to want to believe that the moonlanding is real that keeps the myth going. The evidence is not there. Think about the most basic shit of rockets, how they look, take off, and land, and tell me these pictures are not fake as fuck

Grand Theft World's last episode, starting at 4 hours 18 minutes 15 seconds, is a compilation of increasingly jaw-dropping videos that ought to convince anyone that we are already in the middle of MindWar, we are already under attack. In particular, the videos starting at 4 hours 40 minutes are basically open discussion of the 5g conspiracy theories.

The most shocking part is the lecture at West Point about these weapons already being used. Thumbnails below from 1995

HO LEE SHIT this is creepy AF

Why did the maskless PBS creeps say the phrase "winter creatures" about a dozen times in 30 seconds?👀

And making them applaud the little girl for her service in having a parent in the military. 🤡

Saved by the Bell: The Dystopian Hellscape years

Emanuel Macron as Zack
Jacinda Horseface as Jessie
Gavin Newsome as Slater
Bill Gates as Screech
and featuring
Klaus Schwab as Richard Belding

But seriously, Klaus Schwab has a "school" for training future leaders, and the alumni includes the Saved by the Bell cast above plus Blair, Sarkozy, Merkel, Bezos on and on

Omicron, like comirnaty, is a word they want in the minds of billions at the same time because it is part of their black magic.

Stop fucking saying it and thinking about it.

WOW amazing synchronicity!

Maready is interviewed about this book on The Higherside Chats by Greg Carlwood in his episode released yesterday!! I hadn't seen it yet when I posted this. Wow.

Holy shit holy shit I'm listening now, and they just quoted the book I've been quoting on here the last two days ("Dissolving Illusions"). I realize this is the type of thing no one else will care about but holy shit this is synchronicity is blowing my mind.

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Everybody knows polio was a devastating childhood disease that paralyzed toddlers for countless generations. The greatest achievement of medical science and public health was Salk and Sabin polio vaccines and the mass vaccination program."

If you believe ANY of that is true, please read or listen to The Moth In The Iron Lung by Forrest Maready.

Infantile paralysis epidemic STARTED ~1900. Caused by arsenic and mercury in dyes, paint, pesticides and TEETHING POWDER.

I'm too healthy for your mask
too healthy for your jab
so healthy you're mad!!!

Not seeing this video is the price @adam pays for muting me

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