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What would @adam suggest as an alternative to 'client' when a supervisor makes an informal but public statement directly addressing underling social workers who "work with" the homeless?

In a jurisdiction that has banned capital punishment except for serious grammar crimes?

More concise + accurate (if not precise) than "client?"

How does "godforsaken pieces of feces who are currently experiencing homelessness, a mental disorder and/or acute macncheese toxicity" sound? It's not racist anyway.

is this boat the listener in San Jose del Cabo? If so, the trip North will not be THAT miserable 🤔

Dear @adam

Donald Fucking Trump called the policy in question "The Muslim Ban"

Cognitive dissonance over criticism of Daddy is really not a good look

Dear @adam

Remember how one of your reasons for not accepting value in the form of bitcoin was "it's too hard to deal with because it's not taxed as income"?

First, that's not true. But even if it were true, then why were you happy to receive gold bullion?

Bullion is taxed differently, so you should scotch tape it to a postcard and send it back.

PS 50% of bitcoin is never lost in transit, and it always arrives at printed address before you would get home from mailing gold at post office.

Shout out to the listener in the beautiful Caribbean port of San Jose del Cabo. Been here a month surfing my arms off. Waves literally never under head high since I got here June 3, crazy. And counting.

I doubt he will see this, but if anyone knows him post an email for him.

The northbound trip up west Baja is notoriously miserable. Other than Panama Canal it's the defining feature of the trip. Guaranteed strong headwinds most of the way. Choppy, wet, cold miserable for a week+.

Need crew?

@adam that woman ranting about generic drugs and the evils of manufacturing drugs overseas is a shill for the pharmaceutical industry. gee why would Big Pharma want an embargo on imports of drugs?

you're delusional if you think the FDA does anything to keep you safe. Seriously, try and find one instance of the FDA saving one single life ever. I dare you. They portray themseles as experts. They know nothing. They approve dangerous drugs and stall effective ones.

You sound like Lou Dobbs

Well I made it back on board for four or five shows, but it's no different than watching Fox News anymore.

Mainstream media like No Agenda won't hardly touch the fact that Bibi went on TV with a preposterous story, and Trump used this because he wants to make Obama look weak.

Trump is Bibi's Bottom Bitch and he doesn't even know it. Just tell him he's a big man with giant penis and Trump will do anything.

The observation that bullshit service animal exceptions to urban cultural norms are at an all time high is true enough.

It is does not represent a sinister plot to make America die off and squander its wealth on long term medical care for senior citizen rottweilers.

It is the natural expected result when two long term trends cross. American dog ownership rate in rural cultures is, I assume, fairly steady, but far more Americans than ever live in cities where dogs are not welcome. Do the math.

US birth rate has declined since baby boom. It's now at all time lows.

Humans have formed lifetime partnerships with dogs since paleolithic era.

American urbanization has always been in increasing. It's now at its all time high.

Urban & rural cultures are different, and different customs and behaviors exist in each culture.

Dogs are generally welcome most rural places and unwelcome most urban places.

These are 5 independent facts. Despite any correlations, none caused any of the others.

Bitcoin will be over $10000.

Iran will be kicked in the nuts without provocation by Israel and the US.

Both of these things are certain to occur in 2018.

One will not cause the other.

Moreover I'm dubious there is any "correlation". First what is the variable that represents "Iran sanctions" with which you correlate bitcoin price?

Supposing you've developed a proprietary "Iran Sanction Index", what is its correlation coefficient with BTCUSD? Unless it's near 1 there is no correlation

God I love the George Carlin mix. Fucking masterpiece.

Oh man... LMFAO @adam "what does a jew know about blow jobs"

It's a shame a bitcoin-denier is so fucking funny 🤜 🤛

Hey @adam spend 15 minutes reading about Patrick Byrne, who was mentored by Buffet from age 10 to 30.

Anyone else detecting the riff between the guys on bitcoin? JCD is almost always mum after @adam does his twice-weekly joke mocking people who bought bitcoin for the first time in their lives in the last month.

JCD knows what it's like to shit all over a new technology and be spectacularly wrong 20 years later, so he's not partaking in the schadenfreude.

@adam is watching way too much CNBC with tips like "don't buy bitcoin, buy fake blockchain stocks"

@ChrisWilson @SmedleyButler @adam USD's value is similarly the "next bid". Otherwise it's paper, or in most cases even worse, a promise of paper from a bank that doesn't have enough paper to fulfill even a fraction of its promises. Bitcoin is truly scarce, and that makes it great money.

Did @adam and @Johncdvorak actually see an email from some rando with an attachment called fireandfury.pdf and go all LGY "yaaaaaay" and open it?

Actually, that is fucking brilliant. I cannot think of a better piece of bait to hold a virus or RAT or ransomware than a gossip-rag trash book that no one wants to buy but everyone wants to read, and I can't think of a better set of marks to send the email to than elderly Republicans whose inbox is full of subjects that begin "FW: FW: Fw: FW: FW "

The dollar is the de facto global currency, so let's change "nation" to "world" in Rothschild's most famous quote:

"Give me control of a world's money and I care not who makes its laws."

Restated as a maxim:

Laws do not apply to those who control the creation of money.

Is this maxim consistent with events of the last 10 years?

Bitching about the 1% will change nothing because bankers control the dollar and are immune to laws.

Money controlled by no one is the only moral regime.

It looks like @adam only has a few days left to cite all-time-high-first-time-buyers of bitcoin as evidence that Bitcoin is a bullshit Ponzi scam, because new all time highs are coming soon.

But as I've said 100 times, it wasn't created to be an investment. Its price in dollar terms is a total sideshow to the real story, which is:

Printing Press : Catholic Church :: Bitcoin : Central Banking

We are not even 5% into the revolution. Keep laughing at me. I'll keep HODLing.

Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization.

They don't attack civilians.

Organizations that attack civilians wear camo uniforms and fly drones

Pay pal keeps cutting off payments

Pay pal won't let him send money from Japan

Bitcoin has no utility