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I approve of the following sources:

The Corbett Report and anything James Corbett has ever published. If you haven't watched his documentaries "How Big Oil Conquered the World" and "Why Big Oil Conquered the World" and "Rockefeller Medicine", they are extremely eye opening. Great gateway to conspiratorial history.

Peace Revolution Podcast by Richard Grove. Richard Grove, along with Corbett, is a top scholar in this field.

Grand Theft World podcast (on now!). I don't endorse Lab Leak, however.

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There is no such thing as infectious disease.

Contagion is superstition.

If you have a John C Dvorak type reaction to this (call it bullshit without researching it), I know you won't read a book about it.

At least just watch the first 15 minutes of this video. Fundamentally, this is an issue of LOGIC not laboratory science. How do you know that something exists?

John C Dvorak types won't watch this because bitchute is in the URL. Youtube banned it, sorry.

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This is the craziest fucking thing I've ever read, only because it is definitely real, and definitely implemented. Even if the author were not a high priest in the satanic church, it would be mind blowing.

Everything from chemtrails to hypnosis by EMF to Smith Mundt Act.

PSYOP is what grandpa did. Meet MindWar

@adam this is a must-read

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Floating with the popular current of thought without questioning the reliability of its conclusions, we do what others do, say what others say and believe what others believe. Common consent is the only contagion that makes disease-catching.

@jessecoynelson I hope @mediamonarchy saw this:

“I remember pulling up at the theater and it says, ‘TONIGHT: CHEAP TRICK, WITH MEAT LOAF.’ And I said to myself, ‘These people think we’re serving dinner,’” Meat Loaf explained in 2013 on the syndicated radio show “In the Studio.”

“And we walk out on stage and these people were such Cheap Trick fans they booed us from the start. They were getting up and giving us the finger."

PS Adam was in Cheap Trick after the Police

Note the glow under the clouds bottom right. from a city (vegas I'm pretty sure but it's hard to judge distance). all of the trails were left in an hour.

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Spooks would never kill the leader of an Apocalyptic Homeless Mob because he would be a spook

Excellent article by Grenn Greenrard:

- Only the executive branch has constitutional authority to investigate crimes because that is "law enforcement"
- Eye-opening story of how JP Morgan, advised by Loretta Lynch, conspired against their own customer

Congress's 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits

You probably know some crusty old dude, probably without a wife, who would never go the doctor, never get a vaccine, not for any ideological reason, just because they don't want to. Absent excruciating pain or loss of blood, this guy doesn't call a doctor.

You probably know an old cat lady type. Same thing. Never would call a doctor or get vaxxed.

And the homeless. Same.

They should be dying at higher rates than everyone, and they would not be dying in hospitals mostly.

Where are the bodies?

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I'm enjoying Episode 2 now. I didn't know what satan worshipper and accused pedo and decorated Col in US army Michael Aquino looked like. This is the guy who wrote PSYWAR, the official DoD commissioned white paper for new propaganda methods.

In all his pictures going back 30 years he has eyebrow horns.👌

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2) unvaxed people take most of the tests, so they outnumber the vaxed in positive and negative. Vaxed people can show their card instead of testing, and there are places that require more than one test per week for unvaxed.

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These claims like

"unvaxxed are X times more likely than fully vaxxed to test positive/die/whatever"

Here is how they lie with stats:

1) "X times more likely" means a ratio w/numerator unvaxxed and denominator vaxxed. Their definition of unvaxxed is broad, fully vaxxed is narrow: 2 weeks after authorized because they have a narrow definition of "fully vaxxed" that misclassifies many vaxed and + as unvaxed and +.



Nice ad, Rockefeller Journal of the American Medical Association


Oh, and in reply to John's "the people who just hate Israel"... seems plenty of footage exists the other way around.

They continue to steal land, and for any Palestinians who protest, out comes the thug brigade.

Do you personally know someone who (1) experienced classic RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS and (2) died from respiratory failure WITHOUT GOING TO THE HOSPITAL since March 2020?

Covid test results are irrelevant in this question, don't give them.

Just, for whatever reason, they didn't want to go the hospital and decided to or were forced to suffer through it at home, and they died.

If yes, please give age and brief summary.

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