@darrenoneill I signed up to work the November General Election which appears to still be in person in Virginia. Bracing myself for the shitshow.

@Sir_William decided not to do the medical reserve corp on that day. I think they need election officers more.

I feel like after the mask, next is going to be mandatory hijab, then niqab, then burqa. 😖

On the weekly North America town hall zoom meeting for my employer, during the "feel good" portion, they showed people in their different "creative designed" masks and encouraged others to share theirs. I can't with this. People think this is cute and are bonding over something that makes no sense.

@SmashCast @ProfWorr They should switch it to "Washington Team Football" then we can legit call them WTF

@Salyer @VinceFoster I'm still trying to figure out why we're concerned with the number of "cases" as opposed to the load on hospitals. I thought the point of all of this was to flatten the curve, which is what has occurred, especially since most are asymptomatic or with no severe symptoms. It was not to prevent any living soul from ever being infected with SARS-Cov2. We should be pleased with increased cases and decreased deaths and hospitalizations.

I miss DCGirl witticisms. Smashcast better step it up.

JCD mentioned on the last show to put bong water in your spaghetti sauce. Is that a real thing or just musings of his addled mind?

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