Hi guys,
Still time to get in on the DCGirl Dame Drive.

Make sure to credit your donation to the DCGirl Dame Drive. I'll be matching all donations.
If you are donating less $50, let me know.

Do it today, so we can get her Damed on Sunday for her birthday on August 18.


@jennifer She needs about $500 right now so let's see what we get on Thursday's show and then if you split whatever's left with me that will be great. Let's see where we are on Friday and we'll Dame her on Sunday. I have her accounting and I told her to work on a full Dame name and what she wants at the round table.

I got Roundy to give $40 and he's proud to be a douchebag so I think I can spur a couple more to action before Thursday's show.

Thanks for reaching out.

@roundy I'm an Assoc Exec Producer on Sunday's show. Hopefully the troll hordes will be blowing up her NAS during the meet-up. That will be cool.

@Sir_William @Therealdcgirl I am bequeathing it to the Insurrection Museum. Opening 2024.

@Sir_William same here. That's why I'm him. As long as I'm that guy I never have to run into myself on the street.

@Therealdcgirl Will your mom be recording a Smashcast episode while you are in NY? ITM

Arlington Meetup is go. Welcome all producer, douchbags and spooks.

"1993 "Magic: The Gathering" Beta Cards | Best Moment | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS"


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