If you haven’t seen it, this is the best summary of the statistically impossible “drift” of mail in ballots to Biden as the night wore on, indicative of ballot stuffing/software shenanigans.


This is a very elegant explanation.

TLDR: Mail-in ballots arrive randomly, like a shuffled deck of cards, so when they are counted, the ratio of D to R ballots is consistent, with maybe a slight shift toward R over time, as rural ballots take longer to arrive. This trend held in 45 states.

In 5 States, reporting on mail-in ballots was also consistent, until 2-4am, when the ratio shifted markedly toward D - it would be like shuffling a deck and all the Spades fall to the bottom. Impossible.

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@DrChris I’m most curious to see if there’s a procedural reason as to why it appears like this.

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