So glad the @MLB moved the All-Star game from a predominantly black city to a predominantly white one in order to *checks notes* help black Americans.

Democrats know best.

Nothing screams “I’m fighting racism” quite like transferring business from black to white people.

According to the surgeon general, “women” should not drink alcohol during pregnancy.

What about “men” who are pregnant? I suppose it doesn’t impact them, right?

Or womxn, for that matter.

@sizzletron it’s going to be very interesting how this plays out over time with the Red Cross. I’ll stay as part of the “control group”

I cannot find an answer to this:

Can anyone who is involved in administering the vaccine comment on what the current tracking is for those those that have had the vaccine? I know people get their "Vaccine Card" but what information is logged and where?

Is every vaccinated person entered into a database along with what lot number their vaccine came from and is that paired with an entry for their second dose as well? Does that data get sent to the CDC?

Remind me again.

Why are we told to buy masks and wear them, but the government gave a crapload of money to companies to skip their vaccine trials and just make a bunch?

Why didn’t the government ramp up the supply and deliver the mandated masks? Wouldn’t that have been easier, and gotten us past the point of “we need to rush the vaccine testing”?

Remind me again.

Was Trevor Goodchild the Bill Gates of his time, or was Æon Flux a vaccinated human who used 5G to communicate with others?

“It’s nice IBM is helping with the vaccine passport, but their last big tracking effort had most of the participants dying within 6 years.”

Back in 2010 I burned all my torrent downloads onto a DVD so I could watch it on my TV from the couch.
Just dug up Rubicon because @Johncdvorak has mentioned it twice now. Hope the dvds are still good so I can re-watch the series.

Does anyone know if any summer daycare options where we don’t need to muzzle our kids all summer long? PA is still illegally mandating masks, offering hope of no masks with the experimental vaccine (no promises).

My wife and I both work and we’ve had a helper for school work as we did charter school. Our parents might be leveraged a little, but they aren’t great options.

Public options seem nonexistent. The Bible Belt buckle of central PA seems sheeple compliant.

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