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Joe Biden , James Woolsey , Atlantic Council … on Russia and NATO expansion in 1997. What a gold mine ! @adam @El_Duderino

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Entire NATO Ukrainian battle plan leaked to Russian Media news channel 1 . The report is translated into English with subtitles.

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Keep in mind slaves that this toilet paper 🧻 crisis is great for me and The Empire . Since we are the largest manufacturer of TP in the US you all are lining our pockets and making The Koch Empire stronger with each passing day. King Charles Koch laughs at you all... So buy Angel Soft, Kirkland, Quilted Northern, Sparkle and Brawny... Buy it all till your hearts desire.. hahaha.... @adam

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Russian News new documentary on the Pipeline Wars ... you have to read the subtitles but they aren’t hiding what it’s all about.

Trying to watch the weather channel and all I get are ad’s…. Just like JCD always complains about haha.

Greta you’re hitting the stage, looks like you’re coming of age…

@aj Big Paper got the directive order this morning to idle production on one of the paper machines / slow back for the foreseeable future due to market conditions. Batten down the hatches ; there’s a storm coming.

Look for Syria to heat up again soon. Especially in the southern region.

Target stores sell butt plugs and vibrators now in the pharmacy department lol….

Maybe this is why China built all those replica EU cities aka ghost cities… For all Europeans to move to and feel at home for when their electricity got shut off ?

@aj I saw Charles in the Koch Cafe … I would have gotten a pic but he has plain clothed security following him all around. But I saw him in person 😂. The whole buildings are connected with underground tunnels; it’s wild .

I’m headed to the Death Star in a week…. Plotting world domination I’m sure…. This battle station is operational !

This Chinese Taiwan war is gonna hurt supply chains even further and strike a severe blow to the Empire as we export most things to the Asian Market.

Megyn Kelly trapping Alex Jones into talking about Sandy Hook in his defamation trial. The Podfather escaped from the clutches of Megyn several times.

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