Darwin 2022 Award Winner!


"He scaled a fire escape five floors and entered the building, interrupting a training exercise for the city's SWAT team.

They had placed their weapons on a table. Unbeknownst to the suspect, the guns did not contain live rounds - instead, they had been switched out for rubber pellets. He grabbed two of the weapons and pointed them at officers, who shot him in the face with live rounds in retaliation."

@SirTruckDriver @NoBeret @Kennyben @darrenoneill

LOVE Dr. John! If only HE had been in charge and not Fauci!

New start time for Planet Rage -- 11am Pacific

Dang it feels good finishing work at a halfway decent hour.

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!


Tomorrow is a SHOW DAY for the Best Damn Podcast AND the Best Damn PreShow in the Universe!

And don't forget the Best Damn PrePreShow in the Universe with @fletcher and @phifer!

Your Boostagrams will be featured as well as your requests.

Get your requests in EARLY using our form at:


The spots fill up fast!

Then Tune in at 9AM Central for the PrePreShow,

11AM Central for the PreShow, and

1PM Central for TBDPITU.

Value For Value for all!

Love is lit! 🤟


US scientists have discovered a new virus in bats that could be bad news for humans. The new virus, called Khosta-2 cannot just infect human cells, it is also resistant to current vaccines. Research published in the journal PLOS Pathogens says that the virus is resistant to the antibodies of people vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2—which causes COVID-19, reported Newsweek.

Well, 627 miles, 3 loads. I'm finished. Sleepy time

Later folks

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