Watching a New Girl episode with my wife and this plot line is that a character's sister is in jail after getting arrested for shop lifting in California.

Held in jail, in California, after committing a crime... this episode did not age well vs reality.

Would it not better define as "the result of a merger or uniting of two or more things"

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Genuinely perplexed, does this make sense to anyone?

The word is a noun, but defined as "the action or process..."

going live soon! Today, WAXXINE LORDS! Tsunami warning in CA, Ghislain talk, satanic 666 update, wild waxxine wars, Trump Polyticks Biden, aliens, Antarctica, metaverse and more!

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Shout out to Pet Supplies Plus (30+ states and counting) for being the only rewards program worth a darn.

I gave them my phone number and address. However, they never text me, never bother me, and every other month I get mailed two 30% off coupons with no restrictions, saving me $40 - $60 and month on my two Ridgebacks.

Even Reddit is starting to wake up to the lunacy (read the comments). NWO might be pushing it too far too fast, we shall see:

Millennials gonna go proper ape shit once they realize Pfizer killed Betty.

They make sure you know that a spokespeople say the stroke was totally not related to her covid booster.

Success! Now I feast while my bread dough rises.

The hounds are swarming...

Sunday smoke day. Meal plan is set to incorporate these for the rest of the week. Birds are on and I've a perfect blue smoke going. Delicious updates in ~2 hr.

My next spending money purchase is a lid gasket and clips to help seal up and control consistency of temp across the cook surface on these cold days.

Waffles went great. I'm a huge fan of easy clean-up so I place a paper towel runway between the mixing bowl and waffle maker.

Overnight sponge is mixed and the maker is prepped. The kids are getting Sunday morning waffles tomorrow.

When the propaganda fear pork hits a little too effectively...

"Texas teacher put son with COVID-19 in car trunk to prevent exposure"

You want proof there is mass formation around vaccines as salvation? Here you go.

Thank God those dirty, healthy, unvaccinated douchebags aren't in our hospitals.

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