Nothing to see here I wouldn't even look into it if I were you kid

What I Have Done Today is vacuum up more fruity pebbles than any man should have to.

I saved most of them but they trailed the shit all over the house...look away for 2 min and pay the price.

✅Wild hair
✅ Laughing at everyone anyway

This is the way of the troll. One can see it as cute or ugly because those are opinions/perspectives and both are just as valid. ☯️

As I've stated before, we have our suspicions, as the whole house came down with a nasty bug late January. But I feel testing comes with too many nasty strings attached, and one shouldn't typically ask questions one doesn't necessarily want the answer to.

Hell yeah...get to bust out the 'Murica Man get up this weekend 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Hey @NICKtheRAT stop calling @CarBlanez33 "Carol" u tool!

🤣🤣 just kidding about u being a tool but srsly she is called Carolyn. U did it in the smoker at the end and I just heard u do it again in the sewer! I expect to hear a make-good!

If anyone saw inside this goofy wormhole brain of mine...

hell, even if I saw it all at once I might go mad myself.

Fantastic camel by @CSB today, you are really leaning into my tastes with the nothin-but-a-mask submissions.

Just a HUNCH: The Maxwell arrest took a long time because they have to make 1000% sure she can be kept alive in custody.

This bitch was EVERYWHERE and is probably only second to Epstien himself as far as knowing where all the bodies are buried and having receipts on all these kiddie diddlers.


Yeah they have heavily targeted Texas and Florida in the "second wave" and @adam is right, They are absolutely "teaching a lesson" to the slaves.

Thank fuck nobody cares about Missouri.

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