Be sure to get your boosters, if you can. Slow the spread! Just slowing it is doing your part! Play your part.

@wolfspider you know, just reading the body language in this I realized something.

Instagram and Tiktok are the Telescreen. That partially explains why I want nothing to do with them.

@progo Telescreens only showed what the "party" wanted shown though. We are fast approaching that though.

@wolfspider @progo Orwell underestimated the plebian participation rate of the propaganda I think. We're definitely there, if the party doesn't like it it's just algorithmically surpressed.

@SirSpencer @progo Correct. They have done a wonderful job in division. When something is politicized you know it is a psyop. Abortion, Covid, Guns. They are easy to spot, and it's like they aren't even trying anymore. I think it's part of the demoralization process.

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