Live item tag formalized. Please put eyeballs on this and check for typos if you can help a brotha out:



I can start getting this in the Genny. I'm thinking I can have it ready by the 21st.

Were you and @adam planning on doing a board meeting live soon? I was thinking on the NA Live stream, but it looks like that might interfere with Grumpy Old Bens.

@StevenB @adam Not sure when. Will prob discuss this week in the board meeting to nail down a time. Alecks is working on the new version of podping, so might wait for it to be done before trying to do one live.

BTW, I just made a change after talking to Alecks and we decided to allow a normal <enclosure> instead of forcing <alternateEnclosure>. Since 90% of people will probably just point <enclosure> at their icecast server, this will be easier.

@StevenB @adam I don't have mkultra finished yet either, but I guess we can just use the NA troll room as a test run to start.

@dave @adam

I've been playing around with a prototype, and the trollroom works well enough because I can just put it in an iframe, but still use all my wallet stuff for boosting.

(it's only styled for desktop right now)

Will MKUltra be able to use iframes?

@StevenB @adam For sure. It can load in an iframe. It's just a standard site, using websockets.

@StevenB @adam Hey, that prototype looks really good Steven. I dig it.

@dave @adam I'd like to have a leader board on right side that shows the top boosters, a boost/stream goal for the episode, and how close we are to reaching the goal, like one of those charity thermometer things.


@StevenB @dave @adam after I saw fountain's leader board for 2021 I want all apps to have one 🤩

@SirSpencer @StevenB @dave @adam it would be interesting for the podcaster to have a leaderboard. Having it just be in the app seems a little limiting. I boost from multiple apps and lose track of totals.

@Drebscott @StevenB @dave @adam yeah donors should be leaderboarded show-by-show, I'm just referring to the top earning shows in each app like fountain put out:


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