The turkey a year ago today would have been ~186,000 sats.

The turkey priced today comes out to just under 89,000 sats.

This is what the bitcoiner meme "have fun staying poor" means.

@SirSpencer 4th of july was $0.16 cheaper though! Think of the positives!

I want to invest in crypto, but... Look, I don't know anything about what's going on with crypto and the people offering to tell me about it are weird randos on Instagram.

@Burnt is there a magical crypto fairy who will tell you what you need to hear about it so you will know enough to get started? No.

Myself, I learned more about bitcoin over the last year than I did the first 6 years I used it combined. And I expect to learn even more next year as more nodes come online in the podcasting community. is a good resource, but you'll always get conflicting opinions and eventually you'll have to pick something to use or stay sidelined 🤷‍♂️

Maybe I'll let my best friend tell me about crypto... Honestly he's been wanting to all year

@Burnt my advice:
1) ask people you trust for advice, then research what they say for yourself.
2) try several solutions. Try several wallets, several methods of purchasing, several methods of holding. The more you try the more you'll learn.
3) start small. You can buy $5 worth of btc if you want to. No need to dive in all at once.

@Burnt @SirSpencer The only viable strategy, for all crypto, is buy and hold forever.

@Burnt @SirSpencer there is no crypto, only bitcoin. I’ll save you the heart ache: all the other stuff is, in the long run, a really stupid idea.

Now learning Bitcoin means a lot of things…on the technical side there is the key management, node syncing, transaction creation/signing/transmitting stuff but then there’s the economic/game theory stuff too. It’s a rabbit hole. Try

@SirSpencer I didn't fact-check your numbers (or theirs) but have this convenient package anyway

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