I'd been waiting for you to post the pic of the tank top you were talking about on the last show but this way better :) Happy Birthday SirSpencer! Something, something a joke about all the people wishing you a happy birthday yesterday and coming early 🤣🎁🎶
@CarBlanez33 @SirSpencer


@CarBlanez33 @MrMaxPowers247 awwww hell yeah! That's an awesome tank, I wanted some of those noagenda buttons with that 33 design...


@SirSpencer @MrMaxPowers247 the neon lights reminded me of the neon sign we have here in the smoker and of course the Hog Story bumper by you and @Laurien 💜 💚

Went to the local trampoline park the other day with my niece. I'm a cool uncle that actually goes out jumps and plays like a kid. They had some of those stretchy fabric things that hang from ceiling that you do acrobatics stuff on. So of course I'm up there flipped upside down hanging from my legs spinning around like the Vegas stripper. Didn't realize those skills might come in handy so soon LMAO can't wait for the return of Club 33
@CarBlanez33 @behindthesch3m3s @SirSpencer @Laurien

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