I have been told that nobody will ever send sats to podcasts, but yesterday received 6300 sats from value streaming and boosting, and we have steadily seen an increase of activity over the last 2 weeks in value streamed! I'm helping onboard podcasters so if you have questions feel free to dm me. Thanks @adam, @dave and @sphinx_chat in particular for all the help getting up and running over the past 4 months, I continue to learn daily

@SirSpencer @adam @dave @sphinx_chat I wonder if I should do a podcast that takes my Metal Moment idea and puts it in audio form. Just a 5 minute or less time frame.

@RevCyberTrucker @adam @dave @sphinx_chat that sounds like it would be fun! We have been thinking about doing a quickie like 5-10 min daily rip or wake n bake morning weed news update type thing, more short and polished

@SirSpencer I should just do one a week, polish it up and send it to you to use gratis. That would make it less frenetic for me and add value to your cast. It would also ease my deuchebag status a bit, lol.

@RevCyberTrucker ooooh hell yeah, a regular segment we could add to the show I like that actually

@SirSpencer Well, you've read the ones I post here. Imagine what I could do with several minutes to push out copy.

@SirSpencer @adam @dave @sphinx_chat Dude I want in on some of that 100sat action! I'm mostly seeing 8sat coming from default podfriend!

@SirSpencer If only I had some sats instead of these greenbacks. I'd gladly spread some sats around. Highly interesting concept.

I don't see why, if someone would donate greenbacks, someone that has sats readily available wouldn't use them as a donation token.

That 1000 sats you might get could be worth the double tomorrow, or zero. I'm not going to kick myself if my $3 in sats donation turns out to be worth $30 in a week. It was $3 at the time of the transaction.

@SirSpencer @dave @sphinx_chat I remember when I was told no one would ever enter their credit card on a website. I also remember when you had to copy paste the rss link into your podcatcher in order to subscribe.

@adam @dave @sphinx_chat doubters can continue to doubt and we will keep making it happen for a rapidly expanding group of eager participants.

People want to give value, we have the receipts!!! 💪

@SirSpencer @adam @dave @sphinx_chat

Those people clearly have never seen a twitch stream. People donate "Bits" all the time

@Crossbeau @adam @dave @sphinx_chat lots of "experts" out there lemme tell ya! I trust students more than experts... when people admit they have more to learn, that signals to me that they are not only honest but also willing to actually listen and engage in critical thinking.

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