@mrmcmayhem yeah my impression is that most of them only experience politics peripherally and don't give much of a shit, likely believe "orange man bad" because it is default programming, likely voted biden or didn't vote at all. I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions but that's the overall vibe I get.

Hell, I thought "orange man doofus" in '16 until he won and I studied him.

@SirSpencer late is right! It’s amazing to me how asleep “we” have been on the whole.

@makeheroism lol the normies may *finally* be waking up but only time will tell

@SirSpencer I was dumb enough to briefly join reddit while the impeachment was ongoing last year, and I noticed lots of TDS in that very sub (rWSB). Some people act like it was a pro-Trump haven. It was not.

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