Making me a chicken sandwich is not a biohazard. Stop pretending that making me a chicken sandwich is a biohazard.

Repeat for entering a building.

Repeat for attending a gathering of *any* size.

Repeat for hanging out at a bar.

Repeat for baseline existence.

ยท ยท Tusky ยท 1 ยท 8 ยท 14
@SirSpencer yah but your breathing normally is a hazard, you damn dirty possibly-asymptomatic human

@mrmcmayhem @black6 look, for me the bottom line is this: swinger parties are still greenlit where you can go tongue strangers in the ass if you so desire, but you can't go sing at church...

The Wolf is very disappointed in the society of men, and is seeking retreat deep innawoods as soon as fucking possible.

@leyonhjelm @SirSpencer @mrmcmayhem @black6 Hey I'm all for the freedom of Ass-to-Mouth but... Legos. C'mon man.

@black6 after you graduate birth it's too late bitch welcome to my lifemare ๐ŸŽƒ

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