Funny, but not quite accurate. I’ve seen my kids zoom calls and most of the kids don’t have their video on. I felt bad for the teacher today because no one was responding to her at all. The kids are also starting to be told that they will get a phone call home if they aren’t “doing the work” because the teachers can check on their documents at any time. Ugh, it’s REALLY messed up! ☹️


@DameAshley I could *barely* pay attention to in-person lectures, I would be 100% checked out of a zoom call classroom if I were a student.

I feel terrible for kids who are having to endure this right now.

@SirSpencer My boys are 9,13,13 and 16. The 16 year old says it’s stupid but he’s doing okay. The 9 year old is mostly fine with it too. But the two middle school kids are struggling the most. I am right there with them all day, to help them, but they definitely both hate it. It sucks a lot. Trying to figure out a way to get into homeschooling but my husband and I both have ex’s who have to agree. And because they are ex’s they suck,so it’s an uphill battle. 😢

@DameAshley man that is too bad I'm very sorry to hear that, it definitely gets complicated with exes involved. Stay tuff! We might go homeschooling route just because of how stupid everything has become

@SirSpencer Thank you! 🙂I hope you do get to homeschool! I just think it’s the better way to go, especially nowadays!

@DameAshley @SirSpencer Yeah that sucks, I have one that's full time online and the meeting schedule reminds me of most of my Mondays and all of my Tuesdays :| Still with five in the house of my own it's too much to try and home school them right now. If things don't improve over the course of the first semester I reserve the right to reconsider.

@dibiase @SirSpencer I totally understand. It’s a lot to take on. I’m just not sure I can justify sending them back. Not after hearing how some of their teachers talk.

@DameAshley @dibiase @SirSpencer We homeschooled one daughter all the way through, one mainstreamed for Junior High. (Took her one quarter to become an A student.)

One size does not fit all--unschooling, fixed curriculum, blend, self directed, .... You have to experiment and adjust.

I tutored math all the way through HS. Happy to help!

@vandys @dibiase @SirSpencer I totally agree! Everyone should do what’s best for their kids.

I’m doing okay so far in math. Lol. I can do algebra, I just hate geometry. That’s so nice of you though!!😁😁

@DameAshley I am jaded a little because I was homeschooled for 5 years and we did fuck all for most of it but school has gone downhill even further since then so I feel like we need to

@SirSpencer Ah, well I can see why you might be hesitant then.

I really don’t know how homeschooling works in my state but I’m starting to research it. I know I could handle every class except for math by myself. I loathe it. My husband has a minor in mathematics so I’d just pawn it off on him. Lol.

I'm fortunate my kids are old enough (16, 20) that I'm not too worried about it. My daughter seems to prefer it because it means she's not dealing with all the social bullcrap of being at school.

@SirSpencer @DameAshley

@PhoneBoy @SirSpencer I can see that side of it too. I think that’s why my 16 year old isn’t too upset about not having to go to school. He is just worried that he’s not going to have a basketball season. 😕

@DameAshley @SirSpencer they pushed sports back here to January. That assumes they don’t push them back further. 😬

@progo @PhoneBoy @SirSpencer Lol, yeah, it’s definitely like that. Darth Vader is all over this Covid crap!

@DameAshley @progo @PhoneBoy @SirSpencer So what would DeWine's sith name be? He's old enough to look a little like he's been corrupted by the dark side heh

@PhoneBoy @SirSpencer Our Governor has “allowed” fall sports but has a bunch of stupid rules. Like only 2 people are allowed to attend per student athlete. Seeing as how we are a blended family, that doesn’t really work for us.

@mystik @SirSpencer @PhoneBoy we do get him involved in other leagues. He just REALLY wants to play for his school team and I hate that that could be taken away from him. He’s a sports kid and it’s how he relates to his peers. Just sucks for him because his coach said he could try out for Varsity as a Sophomore but now they don’t even know if they can play. 😢

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