Thursday is here, @art still censors @CSB. @noagendashowvideo has only made one statement regarding this matter as far as I'm aware (pic related). If @art still censors come Sunday I'll be blocking & encouraging everyone to join me as promised.

I will also state that it is Jeff's right to create bots however he sees fit, but it's also our right to push back when censorship is practiced in our community.

@SirSpencer @art @CSB @noagendashowvideo

I'm not understanding how that would warrant censorship (beyond the personal level). After all, the NA milieu includes a LITERAL troll room.

It's very disappointing to see the ongoing censorship of CSB's art (based solely on a dislike of him?). It strikes me as being completely counter to the principle of open, free communication that No Agenda and NA Social are based on.

@noagendashowvideo, please reconsider.

@MountainJay @SirSpencer @art @CSB

I side with @noagendashowvideo on the sole ground that it is one of the best features of the fediverse that you, not your admins, have control over what you do and don't see. That's not censorship any more than it's censorship for me to refuse to read White Fragility. And I will laugh if I get blocked for this post.

@leyonhjelm This is not a fediverse issue, this is a bot that is made to toot show art for the show to the community, which is comprised of a diverse crowd. The bot is censoring the art that I CAN SEE. I could give a fuck what Jeff sets up for himself to see. If the art bot doesn't show *ME* all the art then *I* will block it.

@CSB @MountainJay @art @noagendashowvideo

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@SirSpencer @CSB @MountainJay @noagendashowvideo

It certainly appears to be not your job to dictate what someone does and doesn't provide with their bot.

My suggestion is to ask the owner if you can have the script and run one yourself if you feel strongly about this instead of campaigning against theirs. If not, I bet it's not that hard to write one and set up a scheduled run of that script to do the job yourself that is to your liking.

@leyonhjelm @CSB @SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo

@leyonhjelm @CSB @SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo

I'm not capable of creating an alternative, but would certainly support one.

It seems only fair that we share our thoughts with Jeff before we bail. Maybe he'll change his mind.

@SirSpencer @MountainJay @CSB @noagendashowvideo

I am not convinced he sees it as something that needs to be addressed. I'm also not convinced that a boycott campaign is a productive way to approach this if you want to win him over to your side on this. Any time someone threatens to block me, my response is always, and I do mean always, mean "ok, fuck that guy"

@SirSpencer @leyonhjelm @CSB @noagendashowvideo

Apparently, it's been brewing awhile.

While boycott isn't a term I would have chosen (being more inclined to over-diplomacy), at this point it now appears that a parting of ways is likely unavoidable...

@MountainJay @SirSpencer @CSB @noagendashowvideo And that's fine, the only point I'm making is that he has no obligation to please anybody but himself with any service he may choose to run. I think it's a dick move to provide a bot that doesn't do the whole job, but I think he's well within his rights to do so.

@leyonhjelm @SirSpencer maybe, maybe not, but he is running that bot on mastodon server not on his private server

@CSB @SirSpencer you're running your account on the same server and a lot of people think you're a cunt. I don't think that changes anything about what your rights are and are not.

@leyonhjelm @SirSpencer but my account is my own not programmatic

programmatic accounts should do service for all or be banned

@CSB @SirSpencer That's the same argument communists use for nationalizing businesses.

@CSB @leyonhjelm I would like to be on record as opposing this idea of a ban on the bot as our community can police itself just fine without banhammers, etc.

@leyonhjelm @CSB @MountainJay @noagendashowvideo I did mention this caveat earlier when I said "it is Jeff's right to make a bot any way he sees fit and it's our right to push back against censorship in our community"

I will not be blocking any other of his bots nor will I block his main account. This is a specific action for a specific reason, and it's not some kind of fucking whim this is a month in the making.

@SirSpencer @CSB @MountainJay @noagendashowvideo

I agree with your principle about his rights. I also agree it's your right to push back, but I think he's well within his rights to tell you to pound sand.

I don't really care how long it's been festering, that's not a persuasive argument. If you want to block him, go ahead. You don't have to justify it to me.

@leyonhjelm @CSB @MountainJay @noagendashowvideo I'm just stating where I stand for clarity, I'm not so thick as to be unable to understand he can shrug it off and keep the bot running. You started this whole back and forth lmao I'm just saying "yes dear, I am aware."

@leyonhjelm, I agree completely! He's free to make his choices. And I'll make mine. :)

@CSB @SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo

@MountainJay @CSB @SirSpencer @noagendashowvideo I feel like I should add that within the structure of fediverse servers, it's just as effective to mute the bot without blocking it as it is to block it, that way there's less potential for tags to break.
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