I mentioned this on my guest spot on Grumpy Old Bens with @darrenoneill ... orchestras solved gender bias with blind auditions, but now some are calling to end the practice because too many white people are passing the audition.

cc @SirBemrose

@SirSpencer @SirBemrose Don't you know it's not fair to judge anyone based upon how well they do their job?!

@darrenoneill @SirSpencer @SirBemrose I'm surprised no one is more concerned about the fact that they don't want to audition blind people anymore!

@SirSpencer @darrenoneill @SirBemrose even a 5 year old understands that affirmative action is racist

@SirSpencer @darrenoneill @SirBemrose The only argument for this change is that non-whites are inherently inferior to whites. An argument I reject, btw.

@SirSpencer @darrenoneill @SirBemrose so what they need to do is blind rankings, separate into demographics, and then do the opposite of forced ranking - forced hiring by demographic.

They won't be the best, but it'll be completely representative. I can't wait until they start calculating what the target audience is. Is the audience the ticket buyers, the major city they're bear, or does it I Clyde the surrounding suburban areas?

Tie them up in k it's for weeks 😂

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