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Freshly packed this with @Laurien and we're just waiting for you to spark it... it's episode 35 of !!!

nearly 15 minutes of silence were truncated, may it please @SirBemrose ๐Ÿ™

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Wowwie zowwie, a very fun fresh bowl packed and waiting for you at

@Laurien and I do a deep dive on the number 33, and we listen to some voicemails from @Lennoxxreverb @quirkess @NICKtheRAT and even Hank Hill himself!

What a fun one, you don't wanna miss it!

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Welp thanks to recent inspiration from @Bishop and @SmashCast I tried some shibari rope bondage on @Laurien...I am a work in progress but did I do alright for a first timer? ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I learn better from in person instruction than from video tutorials but I am still in search of a teacher locally. Practice makes perfect I'm sure!

Wait, so violent assault against a shopkeeper wasn't a crime in Illinois before the lockdown?

This explains so much about Chicago.

MSNBC accused of cropping image of Biden calling Kamala to remove script he was reading

Others wondered why he was holding his phone upside down.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...the cases where this seems to be untrue are cases where the reaction is invisible; unseen. There is always a reaction.

I do not identify with a left-right spectrum myself...i tend to like the center in most things, and i think this is why my views seem to shift with political's not me that's changing over years as much as the political landscape shifts and the changes are illusory.

The cognitive rigidity that is absolutely cancerous and obvious in the left exists as well on the right, and they're just as easily triggered, but the proper trigger is rarer these days.

But look at the Reagan years!

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"Oh Spencer...I liked you for years because I thought you believed all the same shit as me until this one opinion you expressed that led to this single argument we got into and now I just find your entire existence turns me off."

This has happened to me a handful of times, and would you believe it's been right wingers more often than left wingers?

The left will cancel you faster, but they're dumber typically so it's easier to blend in. The right will sniff you out more effectively I think.

Poor tactical use of tanks.

Reminds me of these two historical examples.

The Soviets lost a lot of the T-34 tanks in 1941 eventhough the only the Germans had on the ground that could stop them was the Flak 88.

Then you have the Battle of France the French had heavier tanks and combined with the British had more tanks then the Germans.

Quick sanity check. Given the scenario of a grocery store with the one way arrows on the ground. A person yells at the person not following the arrows. Which of those two people is the "Karen"?

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