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Freshly packed bowl: I answer @darrenoneill 's question "what does it mean to be the Wolf?" and @Laurien reveals what her spirit animal is... plus the usual antics you know and love!

We had a voicemail from @lavish weighing in on this week's : the First Time I Ever visited a nude beach. Next week's topic: First Time I Ever encountered a wild animal up close. You know what to do! (816) 607-DOOF!

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Thanks and blessings to @Lennoxxreverb for showing us a great time in East Texas! @Laurien and I burned cleaned wood and enjoyed fresh air with this one-of-a-kind mother fucker! What a kind and genuine dude 🙏 We hope to see ya again soon brother!

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Welp thanks to recent inspiration from @Bishop and @SmashCast I tried some shibari rope bondage on @Laurien...I am a work in progress but did I do alright for a first timer? 🙈

I learn better from in person instruction than from video tutorials but I am still in search of a teacher locally. Practice makes perfect I'm sure!

@SirSpencer get ready that 0.0033 bitcoin for me! It’s only 9 days left...

Only 2 episodes before prez election 2020.

Time is flying fast in 2020, isn’t it?

Happy Halloween week.
May all the Bidens sins Haunt them.!

By MountainJay - Celebrating 13 years as The Best Podcast in the Universe!

Show art is off the charts good again

ITM y'all! 'Uge 13th Anniversary Show tomorrow! Many, many thanks to Adam & John for helping us stay sane (and safe! 😉) during the absolute nuttiest year (of my life at least).

A little something from the NA Animation Studios, and we'll have a BONUS animated anniversary clip tomorrow too. 😎

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak


I'm making a longer one next time @Johncdvorak 🥰

I know you scroll my tl from time to time and yes I literally took out a 23k loan to enter a legitimate full stack web dev program so I would have the skills necessary to make 6 figures and create an empire, and to totally humiliate you and make your work irrelevant just as a bonus side hobby.

Don't ever fuck with the wolf if you don't want the teeth.

Hog Story is a podcast that @CarBlanez33 and I host. The latest episode, Shoot Ship, is available now! Thank you @progo for joinung us in the smoker!

Toh Batao Toh Bhai

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