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Finally got it published, now it's time to pass out. @Laurien and I present another fresh packed and ready for ya:

Special thanks to Executive producer @sirseatsitter and all those bowlers streaming sats from all over the place!

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ICYMI: @Laurien and I are taking the next on the road! Saturday 4/17 we will be traveling to St. Joe to take up Sir B-Loe on his offer of free shots of courage at the Felix Street Pub!

Promo played on the last No Agenda:

RSVP link:

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Thanks and blessings to @Lennoxxreverb for showing us a great time in East Texas! @Laurien and I burned cleaned wood and enjoyed fresh air with this one-of-a-kind mother fucker! What a kind and genuine dude ๐Ÿ™ We hope to see ya again soon brother!

@Laren @PakkonenCT @SirSpencer ๐Ÿ˜‚ That is most long as it doesn't taste like shit

These words they make the world
spin here in steady rotation
Until the new words turn
the new world into oblivion
Well at the end of the line
and this new world feels pretty rotten
Then we'll go our separate ways
to put new blood in our system

I've never seen eyes so hurt,
the kind that scream my name
Now what can I make of life
when it all seems like a game?
I've gotta tie up all my loose ends
'fore my skin turns to mange
So I've gotta look at the sky
and imagine I've found my place

Gonna be live with @cretched of OBDM at 6pm on tuesday. Join us! You will be assimilated.

"No Mask? We won't ask" | the Hallow Mallow cafe in York, UK
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