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A fresh bowl for the long journey home is now burning brightly in our RSS feed:

@Laurien opens some mail, I discuss lightning channel fee philosophies, and callers spook their way into peeled grapes and David Copperfield.

Thanks to producers:
@JoeRogansSpleen (?)

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Thank you to @AbleKirby for joining @Laurien and me in the Bowl for a fresh new episode!

We talk about Able's work with SirSpencer on the AbleKraft music project, Able and Laurien's shared love of anime cons, and whatever the heck a Hess truck is. Spark it up!

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BUCKLE UP! @Laurien and I pack & rip the brightest bowl of the bunch as we celebrate 100 episodes! Value was valued, callers were shocked, & a dick pic poked its way into the bowl!

Thanks to 100's producers:
P. Marley
& always nodebit and @SirBemrose for live streams

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Thanks and blessings to @Lennoxxreverb for showing us a great time in East Texas! @Laurien and I burned cleaned wood and enjoyed fresh air with this one-of-a-kind mother fucker! What a kind and genuine dude 馃檹 We hope to see ya again soon brother!

Cannabidiol = CBD, a cannabinoid

I have heard it pronounced two ways:

ka路nuh路buh路dai路uhl (which I use)


Cannabidiol = CAN-uh-bih-DIE-ahl @adam

It's literally what CBD stands for.

@SirSpencer The truth is, when your truth is true for me, your truth becomes my truth, so the truth that was retruthed is now our truth, true story!

14 Years Together!!!! 馃グ
Congrats @adam and @Johncdvorak on this awesome milestone...and to think you were ready to walk away around #100 馃く

Thanks for sticking with it! We greatly appreciate your twice weekly analysis 馃檹

Happy 14th Anniversary
馃帀 馃嵕 馃帀

And the sign is now lit!

馃憞 馃槑 馃憞

@SirSpencer THIS! 鈥渟mash鈥 that boost button. This is an American. F鈥攌 in A.

I do not require anyone's permission to exercise bodily autonomy.

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