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A skilled troll does not devour your energy all at once. Instead he takes his minimum sustenance up front and stores the rest in the vault like a fat banker does his gold and rubies. There it can remain safe and continue to grow and gain a life of its own.

I wanted my first mix to be short, simple and usable as an evergreen. Barely over a minute means hopefully it can fit into rotations every once in a while? New territory for me so I'm not sure.

Omg I submitted an end-of-show mix for the first time and I AM SO EXCITE 🙈

@adam Now with Trump signing this executive order, it is time to start uploading all those videos that were taken down, like Plandemic, etc. Then reply to the take down notice with the Executive order, and a CC to Barr. LOL

I love the advice of "the dog" in this interview with @adam: "you can go outside, go to the beach, social distancing is not needed, in fact you can lay on top of each other..."

Perhaps the next meetup should be one where we lay on top of each other in a sunny outdoor environment? 😎

What a dynamite show today. On All cylinders. Everybody, try a listen & you’ll learn so much regardless of how much you think you know. Thank you @adam @Johncdvorak

Once again @adam and @Johncdvorak have hit it out of the park with an amazing and hilarious episode of . Come for the deconstruction, stay for the banter!

Dvorak: *shits on literally everything the instant he hears it*

Also Dvorak: "I'm a real optimist, @adam you are a starry-eyed optimist."



Never apologize for a casually dropped 'tard, that's day one stuff

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