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Bout that time eh chaps? The latest bowl freshly packed for your rack!

I recap the big bad meetup, @Laurien brings wonderful long-shot legislative possibilities, and callers lose the game?

Thanks producers:

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A legendary went down today as @Laurien and I were joined by @dave for the first liveItem broadcast!

We discuss the Podcasting 2.0 origin story, the latest developments with Helipad and podping, and demonstrate our IRC boost bot with custom numerology emojis!

Thanks to all the boosting bowlers out there including:
@sir_oma @StevenB
@[email protected]

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MMO will kick off an amazing block of shows tonight at 5:30pm:

5:30PM c - Millennial Media Offensive w/ @NameRedacted & @Dhowjen

8:00PM c - DH Unplugged w/ @Johncdvorak & Andrew Horowitz

9:00PM c - Bowl after Bowl w/ @SirSpencer & @Laurien

Check out these lit shows:

Wake and bake, Bowlers! It's Tokin' Tuesday, so take off all your clothes and hop into the Bowl TONIGHT with @SirSpencer and I for Episode 192 at 9 PM Central.

Where in the world is @RevCyberTrucker and what will he gift unto us tonight?!

Tell us about the First Time YOU Ever played a video game in a voicemail or text:

(816) 607-3663



Give value:


@SirSpencer @Laurien you two emanate inspiration of all kinds: whimsical, serious, and especially stoned. the world is a little less fucked up (well, in the truly fuck-y shit ways) because you all do what you do. here’s to affable absurdism over asshole agendas; cheers to y’all, hope to cross paths again sooner than later!

@SirSpencer @PreacherMandrew @Laurien

Are we tallying?

22 married, 27 together out of 47. It seems like so much longer than that.

@SirSpencer @Laurien going on 10 together, 7 married at 32 years ourselves September 26th

@SirSpencer @Laurien
That's beautiful man!
Y'all are an amaaaazing (you know the voice,, lol) couple!
May the heavens bless y'all on the journey of life.

Eleven years ago today @Laurien came into my life and changed it forever. This is the only picture I have of that day...but the memories of that whole weekend are among the happiest of my life. 11 of my almost 33 years have been spent by her side...easily the best third of my life! Together we are greater than the sum of ourselves alone. Looking forward to endless additional adventures with you !💚 💜 💚

@SirSpencer Tiling is a skill that, once you learn it, you'll be critiquing the grout jobs in every public bathroom you go in hence forth.

When I did my bathroom tile I used a level to make sure each tile was perfectly lined up with the rest, down to the millimeter. Totally unnecessary, ...and yes after learning to do that I do judge the tile workmanship everywhere I go! so true.

@SirSpencer @DrChris

Got 340 laid down but I gotta take a break for romance & lay down someone much more important 😏

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