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So like I promised/teased yesterday, today @Laurien and I will be doing a little bit of social media magick in the form of a simple abundance spell. We've dabbled a little on other platforms but this is our first attempt on Mastodon. It's also the first time we're gonna get a little bit instructive in it so hopefully others in No Agenda nation can make some magick of their own!

I'll let my smokin hot wife get the fire going here... You grab some popcorn and boost the toots!

A story of our society picked up at an underground yard sale

Didn't notice that I actually got a fairly decent shot of the Orion Nebula when I was taking pictures the other night. Well, for a 300 mm kit lens on an old tripod.

The myth is always more powerful than reality, but for sanity's sake it's important to remember the difference.

Anyone in the Denver/Boulder area looking to hire a dude named Ben? I do devops (real devops, not yaml jockying), CI/CD for both mobile and web, Inf work, etc. Looking for somewhere that's less dimensh. B and hasn't been petrified of doing releases during this outbreak.

Hey citizens

I’m back

What did I miss??

(I’m also off to bed...type in 7-8 hours or so)

, No Agenda Nation. Binged on "Tiger King" last night like a simp. 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Johncdvorak could you please unblock me (user: “csb”) on Twitter?

Rationale: I’d like to donate to to support you and @adam but I can’t as Twitter-blocking is a hostile act that is de-ranking my tweets and I can’t support people who damage me .


In case anyone else rode the tiger king ride...I noticed something uncanny and I couldn't shake that "separated at birth" feeling...

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