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I came back from vaca, and I'd received the show art canvas of my knighting show 1267 from @noagendashop !
I bought the 16" version so it would highlight the show number, date, and artist @darrenoneill
Makes a nice addition to my man cave divorcé pad.

I'm on s3e21 of Lucifer, and I am predicting that the show will someday end with Lucy figuring out that Father loved him a ton and in fact sent him to hell in order to help all the self-tortured souls free themselves of guilt so that they can just walk out their unlocked Hell door.
But Lucy instead punished everyone because Father doesn't think direct communication is good for his plan.
(Just a thought about the TV series. Not my actual views on this fractal multiverse.)

I paid to see the movie in the theater, so why am I seeing all these ads? I'll allow trailers for other movies since they're entertaining, but car/bank/insurance commercials are annoying because the showtime for this movie was 15 minutes ago.

@adam 's mention of the Firmament reminded me the above article theorizes that the space shuttle was engineered to punch through the glass located at 100km.
We live inside the ball, folks!

This Pingdemic is nothing but trouble. The same coin that gives the placebo effect (or positive energy healing) has another side where negative energy will cause disease.
Their cells phones will literally make them sick.

UPS ships everything Amazon sells, so you would think the CEO of UPS would be a billionaire astronaut also.
I guess offering good union jobs is the difference.

Here's me on a tour of the Capitol bldg courtesy of Senator Barrasso's staff.
Here's my go bag with 2 combat tourniquets and 2 improvised tourniquets.
So according to the Newsreaders I should be locked up and denied bail!

Getting interesting in Guatemala: Mara Salvatrucha leaders (ms-13) were linked to a criminal process after the Public Ministry accused them of planning the death of the president, Alejandro Giammattei. The plan was truncated when the MP heard the plan by wiretapping telephone calls. According to the investigation, members of the MS13 planned an attempt to kill the Guatemalan president, as well as that of a deputy whose name has not been revealed. Original in Spanish

For last 2 weeks there are only 2 registers that accept cash at local UT Walmart (neither are self checkout), and they told me it was because of "coin shortage."


Is there a way that while hiking/biking around the forrest I could have a wireless gopro-type camera that sends the video stream to a portable server in my vehicle at the trailhead?

Range would need to be a few miles. No cell service available.

(If I get eaten by Bigfoot, I want it on tape.)

With respect to the Missing 411 in wilderness areas and elsewhere, it will help to know your enemy: the Interdimensional Predator:

We aren't the top of the food chain?!
Stay safe!

Is there some reason Walmart can't uniformly place the men's and women's restrooms on the same exact side in every store?

@jennifer @medus It’s like a three way Schrödinger's cat now. Is it gonna be love and light? Love is lit? Love and lit?

You vaxxed?

Look, here's the deal. I won't to tell you all my personal health information. But I will say that I don't want to die, and I don't want my family to die, so I did what I did, and no republican is going to convince me that it was the wrong choice.

(None if the above is a lie.)

I made another trip from UT to Seattle/Bellingham and back this week, and I didn't wear a mask at all despite all their signs at the hotel, restaurants, gas stations.
I figured out that THEY THINK I'M the asshole!
We live in different dimensions.

@fucksiliconvalley @SirSeanofSlovakia I am 6'0".
Between '96 to 2009 I went from 155 to 223 (left pic), then I found out about HcG diet and went to 175 in 2010 (right pic). Then I found paleo/primal and without trying went to 167. I maintained low weight until 2015 when I lost all control and went over 200.
After the divorce in 2020, I ballooned up to 254, but since 03/21 I have lost 34 lbs.
I know what to do, but my original post was mostly complaining that our society makes us fat by default.

Life is meaningless, but don't assign that idea a negative value. It just is.

I suspect our souls are SO BORED so we made up this game for the LOLs.

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