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So the .gov is so big on "compliance," but are we in compliance with our treaties?
Happy July 3rd! (Fort Bridger Treaty Day). Fireworks tonight at 10pm at Fort Hall Casino (Idaho).

Here is a more pleasing to look at Rio album art parody that I uploaded to the evergreens.

When eye doctors can't see into your eye because of media opacity, they'll order a B-Scan to get an ultrasound cross section.

Today's artwork is LIT!
IDK how they're gonna choose. It's all quality and funny. Amazing work, everybody!

I uploaded this art to the art generator. For the record, the Nagel-ized picture of Kamala I had commissioned by a guy in Indonesia and paid him a commercial license fee.

Funny how "They" want one world government, but we've seen how states don't agree on lots of issues, so how could a global government work?
I think humans must be innately tribal.

"Trigger laws" seem sketchy to me. And why is this the first time that I've ever heard of them?
Can a legislature from 20 years ago pass one, and then we're stuck with it even though everyone's changed opinion since then?

Am I the only one amused by the famous album art parodies?

I think they are hilarious.

In the coming Civil War 2, will there be a neutral or libertarian state that I can flee to? I don't mind if you collect guns & ammo or have abortions. Just as long as you don't forcibly inject me with anything. Or make me do anything, really.

Cable news channels should start diagramming how Civil War 2 looks.
I think red states would do a preemptive strike against Washington state to keep imports/exports flowing on the West Coast.

Any change you make in the world will eventually be undone.

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