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I came back from vaca, and I'd received the show art canvas of my knighting show 1267 from @noagendashop !
I bought the 16" version so it would highlight the show number, date, and artist @darrenoneill
Makes a nice addition to my man cave divorcé pad.

I made another trip from UT to Seattle/Bellingham and back this week, and I didn't wear a mask at all despite all their signs at the hotel, restaurants, gas stations.
I figured out that THEY THINK I'M the asshole!
We live in different dimensions.

Wow the Jimmy Dore and Eric Clapton clips really important! Thank you @adam and @Johncdvorak

@fucksiliconvalley @SirSeanofSlovakia I am 6'0".
Between '96 to 2009 I went from 155 to 223 (left pic), then I found out about HcG diet and went to 175 in 2010 (right pic). Then I found paleo/primal and without trying went to 167. I maintained low weight until 2015 when I lost all control and went over 200.
After the divorce in 2020, I ballooned up to 254, but since 03/21 I have lost 34 lbs.
I know what to do, but my original post was mostly complaining that our society makes us fat by default.

Life is meaningless, but don't assign that idea a negative value. It just is.

I suspect our souls are SO BORED so we made up this game for the LOLs.

@SirSidereal what Dave said and look into intermittent fasting. I do 16 hours no food then 8 hours of food. Breakfast for me is at 10:30 and dinner and 6pm, I was 265 back in the day, now 165. Sugar is the fucking worst and needs to be removed from your diet as much as possible, think of it as white cancer.

There is a long list of celebreties who went from fit/skinny to obese. So if it's part of their job description to look good, and they couldn't maintain the skinny, then what chance do I have?!?!

Forget COVID, medical science has failed us in weight management=>diabetes=>heart disease.

I wonder if @adam has pro tips he'd share on the show about how he maintained his figure all these years?

2015. On the east side of Bonneville Salt Flats (westbound rest area). UT is a great place to visit. I wish we had a logo as cool as Wyoming's cowboy.

So, the woman in the doorway is pointing a gun at everyone, and this dude just walks right past her.
Talk about condition white! and maybe the brandisher had tunnel vision?

This photo is from summer 2017.

When I was a kid we could walk right up to the fence and gawk at the president's mansion, but now they've set up a death strip to protect against us shitizens.

BTW, if you haven't voted in my poll about Earth Life System, please do:

OK, 2-1 with Clippers. Jazz are just trying to make it interesting.

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This earth life system is:

IDK who needs to hear this, but...
...the UT Jazz are going to win it all this year.

Holy Cow I love iced tea. This week I tried raspberry iced tea and WOW!!!!
I know I've posted about this before, but I feel traumatized that I was never able to enjoy it until I was 45 years old! (I'm post Mormon).
People in the South must look at LDS missionaries like their nucking futs when they turn down a nice glass of iced tea!

Today was the first day that I didn't have a single patient that walked in with a mask on!
Wooooooooooooooooo, yeah!

„ Mask mandates were initially justified by fairytale computer modelling. But we now have hard evidence in the real world, where there’s been no clear correlation between masking and infection rates, hospitalisations or Covid deaths.“

We could combine all our No Agenda slang with British Rhyming slang- double iterated, convert to pig Latin, and then NO ONE would understand our argot.
(including ourselves)

I like to take photos of my odometer when it hits palindromes or other fun numbers. When I can I'll try to match the speedometer.
Does anyone else do this after starting to listen to NA?

I visited Seattle last week and gd masks everywhere, but @adam is right- if you don't wear one no one says a word, but they will look at you like you're an alien.
This photo is at Pike Place market which was shoulder-to-shoulder people- but we somehow survived.

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