Why am I an Ex-Pat living in Europe?

I LOVE the idea of America,
I just hate what the American people have done to that idea.

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@SirSeanofSlovakia of the things that matter to you which of them are better where you are?

@maxburn Things are fucked all over is my general default position. Slovakia affords me 1/4 the living expenses of the US, a smoking hot Slovak wife, and we spend Jan - April in Austria skiing for the winter which cost about 6k all in for a 4 month ski season. I spend about 9k for the rest of the year including a trip or two back to the states to visit friends and family.

Here is a video of out place. All in 55k for the land and building.

Its a lot like Vermont here.

@SirSeanofSlovakia I don’t know anything about that area but lower living expenses sound good. How’s the health care?

@maxburn not great but many good private Dr's that are not expensive.

I got my deviated septum fixed for $1400 which Insurance coved $650 of it.

@SirSeanofSlovakia I can see an attraction to just checking out of the whole thing, I’ve got a lot further to go before I get pushed out though.

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