Do the “Glowies” here think NAS is a normal soc. net? Guys we can spot you a mile away.

When I moved to Slovakia Sept. 23 2007 the Euro cost me $1.42 and stayed that way for years.

Today it cost me .95 cents :)

Bideninflation for me has been offset by the declining Euro.

The Spark Mini is an amazing practice amp that I have no problem recommending to those in need of a small portable high quality practice amp.

Practice today in the kitchen in an attempt not to disturb my smoking hot wife who is dealing with a headache that hasn’t quit for 36 hours. Please send her some karma please. ITM & TYFYC

Guitar UPDATE day.
Put a 12k Hum-bucker in the neck of the Squier.

I love Squiers as upgrade platforms, amazing build quality with decent quality but upgradable parts.

There has got to be a way to profit from the great reset, I am sure of it.

Before and after.

Upgraded a 2007 Squier Affinity with Player series HSS pickups and pots from Stratosphere for $99 and $10 for a pickgaurd then gave it away to my brother in law.

I wake up at night KNOWING the Queen would be alive today if I had just worm a mask.

I am sorry to all her subjects, the blame is all mine.

Please forgive me.

If the system is setup to screw you, it is perfectly acceptable to screw with the system.

I was at my parents beach house in '98 when Diana died.

I am at my parents beach house and the queen has died.

These things are related.

That is all I will say.

My step mom gets mad at my dad when he refers to someone as FAT, so to correct this my dad now calls FAT people, people who are EASY TO SEE.

The man is brilliant.
FYI they are both 82

I have been in the states for 5 days, I have 21 days left.

Why the fuck do I come back here for so long when every time I want to go back to Slovakia after day 5.

I love my country, I just hate what the people have done to it.

Insert Buzzlight year "Idiots Everywhere" MEME here.

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