People are so dumb....

Guest_kwoy1: Today is my birthday 🥳
Scajaquada: Ohhh happy birthday
Guest_kwoy1: Thank you 😊
Scajaquada: what sign does that make you.. hmmm lets see
Guest_kwoy1: I’m a Capricorn
Scajaquada: yeah?
Scajaquada: nice
Scajaquada: I don't know many Capricorn's born in March.
Scajaquada: that is kinda special. lol

Shameless Self Promotion:

I recently found an old article I published about the Ontario Power Company plant at the base of the Falls. It was hidden away deep in my blog. Time to unveil it.

I was thinking that No Agenda Peerage needs signs like the Lions club...

@AdamAtSea Hey Adam... How would you like to be Sheriff AdamAtSea? :P

I actually heard a Buffalo Fire call this evening for a " stuck cat ". The cat was rescued.. never heard that before in reality.

“It’s Un-American, Un-Texan and Soon Will Be Illegal” – Texas Governor Abbott Announces Bill Prohibiting Tech Giants from Censoring Viewpoints

Texas takes the lead again against these globalist leftist institutions.

"Governor Abbott follows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who announced legislation in February that would prevent Twitter, Facebook-Instagram, Google-YouTube, Amazon, and Apple from censoring content or selling users’ data."

Screw Big Tech. Interesting. 😎

Perhaps we should make the voting age 30? :P Anything younger these days, and they just aren't experienced enough.

I recently met a girl from the UK online, who was hired as a Journalist before she had even finished high school. I believe it, as I was also hired into media before I even graduated high school. But guess what topics she writes about? Politics. I didn't ask what her views were... As they aren't really legitimate in my eyes.

1. At the end of the day, there is a truth to things.

Either China Joe got 81 million votes, or he didn't.

If he did, God help America.

That means a huge majority of the population reject Trump's 'America First' doctrine.

They welcome mass illegal immigration, the Paris climate accords, doing deals with the mullahs, and cozying up to the CCP.

That means game over for the American Republic.

Which tells you all you need to know.

China Joe DIDN'T win.

It’s 12 degrees in TN at 5am Saturday. got 3 ins of snow 1inch of ice. Stopped snowing Thursday, it’s still here. We had very few power outages. Why? Cause unlike my dumbass Biden supporting sister in Austin Tx 20% of our electricity doesn’t come from fairytales. We got the same news about the storm as they did and prepared. Shit happens. Make sure you don’t step in it.

I believe that everyone as a teenager should be able to be exposed to the graphic nature and scene of real death - real innocent lives lost in tragic accidents. Maybe then people will learn to respect life, and each other a little more. Instead we hide those scenes from people, lest they be exposed to the realities of life.

It’s not possible to provide protections for women if a man can declare himself a women and access the same protections. That’s not an opinion. That is a logical fact.

Evolution endowed the sexes differently. Protections for women are just and must be defended.

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