Better place your order for in home air cleaner, the smoke in the Dem west states was just a test run. The Blue Check twitter promise to burn the country down:

I'm sorry I can't vote for a candidate who supports riots in any random city.

@SirRay @Haymoose I saw (on Twitter anyway) that the Arizona Cardinals did that today when they played the 49ers.

The 49ers did some sort of kumbaya song. Not that I saw it live because I watched NFL Red Zone, which only shows actual plays from games, not the political bullcrap.

Flag on the field, Foul!
Do your part and DOWNVOTE this video of NFL players destroying football

@SirRay thats what I was watching, their reporter was reporting on CNN not showing the 25,000 person crowd. The speech by the NV former AG was shocking. They snuck in a law for mail in voting where every undated ballot is considered valid by default. Snuck this into a vote on the weekend where state Dems were hanging around until anyone not in on it had left the building. With no one to oppoose it, it was motion, carried, no opposed, done. didn't even ask the people if they wanted it or not.

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