@adam China is working with over 60 countries selling their societal change A.I. as stated in the Frontline episode "China Undercover"
We are very close to the day were humans would be offered the choice to step into the Matrix pod in exchange for your DNA to be a Duracell battery.
NoAgendaShow FTW!

@adam Whittney Webb was on Jimmy Dore, you can just about clip the 80% of this video for the show.
NA listeners will find this relevant but not in a good way.

We are war!
Kill the virus on your hands. Get back to work!
AntiVirual handwipes - FTW!

You don't want to be the person who does not know the line "life is like a box of chocolates"
The documentary Hoaxed has/will be referenced in everyday communication, don't be left out, watch it now:
"Reality is Debatable"

@CSB Deus 01E08 Whoa
When, if, are we, will we live in a Simulation? Should we smash all the quantum computers now? or just kill the coders?
Nah? it's just a stupid throw away you guns messaging, nothing to see here.

Thanks for the boosts, just to be fair this story was on Tucker.
I do believe this testing should be accessible to everyone. I was tested for flying to New York, it was a great relief to be negative, everyone should have that opportunity.

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Boom The scary story of China's Uyhgur control using A.I.
Act now and get mind for your country at 33% off with coupon code WuhanFlu!

Should we be concerned that the CoronaVirus has created the 1.5 exaFLOPS computer more powerful than the top 100 Supercomputers combined?

This Rona stuff is getting annoying Could we get back to something less important?

O.K. This looks dangerous for the minds of No Agenda artists.
Yeah, that story Putin released 500 lions to keep people indoors ... yeah

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