Can someone please explain to me what Build, Back, Better means. Its ven arrived here in Norway.

@AzurusNova Oh you have to suggest that to the DB's in Silicon Valley. I bet they love it.

@neanderthalsnavel Yes. I agree they are amazing company. So social, chatty, and beautiful.

@neanderthalsnavel Our neighbours have a peach face who we babysit regularly. She is fantastic company and always goes crazy over anything musical. Love the Love birds. They are great company.

@AzurusNova Blinks are difficult to programme apparently....hehe

@neanderthalsnavel lol...totally agree. Zuckerfuck also rhymes with Im a fuck.

@AzurusNova Lol...good point. Could be. But he's not a valley girl nor is he 18 years old.

Hi Slaves. Just heard the clip from Zuckerberg. What a twat. First, he seems to have undergone some voice training to add vocal fry to the end of his sentences. Second: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression are not the same. The lunatic muslims this week that hacked two womens heads off in France where simply displaying their freedom of expression, by definition. Is this really ok? Zuckerfuck is a moron and an idiot.

Howdy folks. I generally avoid social media completely, but out of loyalty to the NA community, ill throw caution to the wind and try this place again.

Please dear god find a guest on twit who can at least put a single thought together.

Glad JCD isn't dead. We need you both. :) Just finished listening to 920. I little time zoned challenged here in Norway. Hope you all have a fantastic, media free easter.

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