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Unsafe shower thought today:

Is Disney employing a casting director that has dyslexia? That might explain the decision for live action Little Mermaid casting since the paper said "ginger."

Anyone else notice that EVERY single woman on the Emmy's was morbidly obese? I know I can't really say much, but then again, I'm not being paid millions of dollars to be aesthetically appealing.

August Inflation 8.3% so expect Sideshow Bob to come out today and tell us that this month 2 of zero inflation.

In other news, if you accelerate to 85MPH and set the cruise control, you don't have to stop if the police try to pull you over. According to the POTATUS, you're already stopped.

The easiest & quickest way to test someone's intelligence is make a generalized statement about a group.

e.g. "Asian men are shorter on average." If they respond with any variation of "not all asian men are short" you know they have a low IQ.

They've proven they aren't intelligent enough to understand abstract statistical data or per capita. Why else would they assume their response was profound. They literally CAN NOT understand abstracts, stop wasting your time, nothing will sway them.

"When you need a small utility program, and you don't really care about the *structure*, so you just ask a junior developer to build it"

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