@kino @radix023 His stuff is backed up and all of it is available and he has access to all of it.

God forbid he cared about his literal multi-million dollar career and went where an audience was.

@radix023 All to protect a literal child predator that openly brags about being such, literally made a living doing such, and openly stating he wants to give children controlled substances made in a bathtub.

Angry because he was born with a tiny dick and low T.

Wow, there is a lot to unpack in this one.

I'm pretty sure my brain broke at the chant, and apparently "I'm Pressing Charges" is a level 37 spell of protection or something.


@adam @Johncdvorak I found a short clip with a treasure trove of iso possibilities. Please fedi boost this so they see it. 🤪

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