They have taken the bridge and Second Hall. We have barred the gates, but cannot hold them for long. The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. We cannot get out. They are coming.

There are those among our ranks that have chosen to take up arms along side our foes and turned their wrath upon us. Pray for us in this the hour of our very death.

It is raining, it keeps the smell of the spice down at the foxhole level. It makes everyone uncomfortable, from the battalion commander in his post to the Bakers making the pies in the captured blockhouse.

It is miserable, and I fear we shall have no respite.

Arrived in [the hamlet of] Seattle today, after a very hard march. We’re billeted in tents, between the enemy and our own heavy guns. At night-time, one sees little slits of light shining from the tents on the puddles of water outside, which give the impression of a fairy land.

Rolling into our blankets, we occasionally hear the ‘splash, splash’ as some fellow moves, or the plod of the sentry. Plus the continual high pitched laughter of the Ashleys, but ever present is, the smell of the spice.

This afternoon we lost four more. But we’re quite resigned nowadays to losing old originals. It seems as if the fates have decreed that they’ve had a good run and it’s time they went. Kilby asks: ‘Whose turn next?’ We all wonder…

Remind me again... @SirPaulCouture

... why do women not like it when someone else wears the same dress?

@SirPaulCouture why the hell are you in the Democratic People’s Republic of Seattle?

@SirPaulCouture I know all about war, particularly in that part of the world. Trying to get out of a 25 year marriage in that area.

Perhaps that's better (the spice scent) than the piss which was all I could smell last time I was out that way.

@thatguyoverthere Thankfully, I am merely twisting war diary quotes and humorously placing basic bitch pumpkin spice photos with them... but now I am picturing the smells combined... curse you.

@SirPaulCouture @thatguyoverthere this series of toots makes me wish i could "Follow" twice. 😂 Huge grin reading these.

@SirPaulCouture Why do they all have the same boots? Is it a uniform thing?

@radraccoon The terrible and unrelenting army that assails us as the leaves turn each year is issued a uniform forged in the very pits of hell.

*hangs head in shame* taken in the peoples republic of #Tacoma at #HardLuckBarAndGrill in the lords year 2017
(a former favorite spot of Steve Miggs of 99.9 and the donkey hockey team)

@Hempressemilym I have sworn an eternal oath before the almighty - you and your cursed spice are my enemy and I shall lay down my life before I shall surrender to you and the vile spice of pumpkin you have wrought upon us.


😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Tolkien Forever!

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