@jennifer did some signing of the heads on a stick. We believe it at least doubled the value of them. It was nice to have @Johncdvorak there with us in normal stick and animated stick form.

Group Photos from the we think at peak we were at ~66 people. Thanks to Dame Angela on picking an awesome venue and helping so much in the planning process. Great turnout, conversations and people to hangout with! @adam

@jennifer I saw some people with a rag and a spray wondering around with the most enthusiasm as you could imagine.

Donations are now required if leaving the airport headed to Parking or Ride Sharing, it’s a rule!

@CSB Yes Sir. I will try and make a mashup video like I did for Des Moines last year. Fun times!

@Jradical @MartinJJ @adam I like to think of them also a a coping mechanism that makes you feel “more safe” even with touching all the things that lead to your mouth and that who knows what “smutz” you have on them all the time from your hands and continual daily use depending on where you are. I do believe they could make a difference and they have their place but my main question, how much longer and when will this be connected to the next contagious disease.

Anyone headed to the Epic Vegas Meetup? If you want a pre meetup lunch just let me know. Fun times ahead tonight.

The Debate Bingo Card was a success, but Pence won before 9CST with Four More Years, President Trump, Middle, Iran and Family.

No Agenda Social

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