Airport Gambling is still rocking!

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@SirPatrick Are the machines being sanitized for our “safety?” 😄

@CSB Still in the air for the next 4.5 hours. Also I am terrible at remembering to take photos. I talk too much!

@jennifer better than nothing, thanks

have fun, stay safe with Jesus!

@jennifer damn it has been so long since i've flown anywhere... I so prefer driving. I think last time I flew had to have been 7+ years ago... I just typically prefer to drive! @CSB

@SirSpencer @CSB Been a very long time for me too. Certainly interesting during the ‘rona. I don’t get out much in general. 😂

@jennifer I always opted out of the body scanners... I don't think there is an opt out on rona masks so I'll just keep waiting it out haha @CSB

@SirSpencer Opt out of body scanners? I thought you were a nudist! @jennifer @CSB

@lavish @jennifer @CSB lololol that's right! I'd say "if you guys need to see what I'm rocking under these duds I'm happy to show directly, but either way I'd like to avoid the unnecessary radiation dose."


I've flown several times in recent years but it hasn't ever really been my choice. I flew for a funeral, I flew for several work trips, I flew coast to coast for a family event I hadn't originally planned to attend, and otherwise I've driven. Flying is not presently an option.

@SirSpencer @CSB

@leyonhjelm one huge advantage of living in the crossroads of the USA is that I'm about a day's non-stop drive from all corners of the country. 22 hrs to Miami, FL; 23 hrs to Portland, ME; 24 hrs to San Diego, CA; 27 hrs to Seattle, WA.

@CSB @jennifer


My last car came to most of the corners of the continental US, just not Florida

@CSB @jennifer

@jennifer I saw some people with a rag and a spray wondering around with the most enthusiasm as you could imagine.

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