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@SirMathieu RMS was right. The only way for a shred of freedom to survive is to make free software the norm: anyone can pick up and fix or continue a dormant project; you literally own the software on your computer; nothing can stop you from changing it or paying someone to change it.

@progo Exactly. If we can look under the hood and have a right to repair, change code etc, we get the power. But now i feel silly because for the life of me i don't remember what "RMS" stands for 😟 and i'm sure its not "Royal Mail Ship" 😜

@progo OHHHH! Yep, im dumb. Then yes, i agree 100%. This is the only way forward in this computer age of ours.

@SirMathieu "With free software, users individually and collectively have complete control over their computers."

@progo I should read more about him. He's absolutely right saying its interwoven in human rights and that they support each other. Remove one brick and the foundation start to wobble a bit. And this is two fold also, not only it would protect more of out rights, but also give a lot more space for peoppe to learn and most importantly understand programming and this huge network. More power to the one willing to learn.

@SirMathieu and FYI he's been saying the same thing philosophically since the early 80s. The message only changes to fit current developments in fuckware.

@SirMathieu Good starting point straight from the source. He often writes his arguments up in one-pagers.

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