Me at 8am this morning:
It feels like spring today its strange...

Me at 5:30pm:

I must be the king of jinx...

@SirMathieu @TriHusker but Poland from the bottom , turned around so unfair comparison

And another, i dont want to look like a retard with my phone up so short clips it is

Why do Bitcoiners investors want a Lambo?

Because they know Ferrari is owned by Fiat.

is LIVE tonight at 10 PM EST / 9 PM Central!

For this week's , @SirSpencer and I want to hear about the first time you ever drove alone somewhere you weren't supposed to:

(816) 607-3663



I just saw a jacked up ford pickup with *drumroll* purple mags... yep. This day is getting better by the minute

Doesn’t really ruin my world or anything but apparently they split?

@10grans tip .00033 to @SirMathieu

Excellent podcast (even with the wait).

Attention producers and douchebags the long awaited episode is wonderbar!

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