@adam Sorry to bother you with this, but it seems the SSL certificate for the RSS feed of No Agenda needs an update.

After she woke me at 6am I'm sending the catineau to Gatineau to live with @SirMathieu

Enjoy Sir!

Disabled my Twitter accounts a few days back. Need to detox.

I'm inclined to believe that Twitter is functioning exactly like intended: as a waste of time. Sometimes they do stuff over at corporate to keep things interesting like hiding Trump's tweets et cetera. But overall it's not about content, it's about manipulating behavior. The more time you waste on Twitter, the better.

Bad news for my Dad. The skin tumour was metastasized from the lung cancer, and between that and his COPD they're pretty much just going to treat him for suffering now.

@SirMathieu @Johncdvorak My mind also works in odd ways. When I read your toot, the question part made me think of: Ask me the questions bridgekeeper, I'm not afraid.

@SirMathieu @Bishop @adam

Sorry I probably should have posted it with the timecode ().

He says it at 1:44

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