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SirMathieu @SirMathieu

@Combaticus Ahh my pleasure sir! Haven't got the chance to fish a lot in the last few years but still am a fly fisher at heart! and TYFYCAP

@ChrisWilson Hey-O!!! Damn i love these two guys though

I have my own therapy cats...

But they don't work as advertised...

@YoVinnie Ahh yeah ive seen those aslo, you just have a valve in the bottom and fill'em up. Very useful.

Used to use a zippo when i was in college but i got high just by the lighter fluid burning 😂

Damn now i'm feeling bad to always buy white bic lighters...

Its just easier to see how much butane is left in the darn thing...

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We're live now at with No Agenda episode 958 #@pocketnoagenda @therealdvorak

Caricature py Ygrek about the recent Antifa protests in Québec city couple of days ago

@adam keeping an eye out for the migrant situation in Candanavia, here is an article + clip of Trudeau "triggering" the left

@adam The clip where the old man was talking about "white niggers", the only thing i can think of as a reference could be this

It was writter by an FLQ member though so its some sort of a manifesto about French people in Candanavia.

Wish i had some news about the migrant situation over here but the eclipse is... eclipsing the other news

@adam "Hello Adam..." damn this thing looks like HAL 😮

@adam Good call, with what is happening with Charlottesville and InfoWars, that flack isnt necessary.

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Canadian Lumber Stocks Tumble On Report US-Canada Timber Trade War To Escalate