The first thing i noticed so far is how much my clothes and appartement smell of tobacco...

Day 2 with no smoking \0/ goddamn its hard but the end result worth it.


Smart MAPS mentioned in episode 21: .

You might enjoy it maybe as a map fanboy…

@SirMathieu and the dating scene has got to be shit now. plus your province has gone a little extra covid nuts so can't make for easy dating. maybe just gotta upgrade the cologne ;)

Hey mofos, have a Merry Christmas, may your presents be cool and comfy and your guests funny and jovial.

Whats up with this big hack with Apache servers? Im out of the loop...

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

TONIGHT LIVE FROM THE SEWERS OF BROOKLYN, NY! I will be joining @NICKtheRAT (Dramatized in this photo)

LIVE! TONIGHT! 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET join @fletcher and I in the smoker for Episode 242 of Hog Story. We want to know, what do you order at the Chinese restaurant? Let us know by leaving a voicemail 430-201-4841.

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