Will InfoWars shut down after the filing for bankruptcy from Free Speech Systems LLC?

Which is worse, to be told what you can't say (censorship / denied speech), or told what you must say (compelled speech)?

"He's very trained to sound smart" Well i don't mean to be a dick but that litterally education or being educated, i mean, can you explain double and triple integrals in 15mins? I surely can't. But he does, and the funny thing is, it also works in practice.

"display the problem that is the point of flat earth"

"A problem most atheists, democrats, covidians display constantly."

And what "problem" is that, i *must* ask. Unless everything is a joke to you, then i have nothing to say.


This appears to be a pansexual. My knowledge of Spanish tells me this, but the French spell it slightly differently.


Fact: Comprehensive sex ed in school reduces unwanted pregnancies.

Conservative Christians don't seem to be able to add these two together though...

*tosses grenade in the room and runs*

Hearing chiners talking about humanitarian subjects is sort of ironic.

China offers "powdered milk and quilts" for the Ukrainian red cross. lol

Recently a video from France 24 shows a ukrainian workshop converting PKT's for infantry use.

Here is Ian from Forgotten weapons explaining the conversion and some details about history of coaxial MG's and their conversion for infantry usage:


Original France 24 clip:


@maxpowers1 @CSB

I use this map to track what's happening real time on the ground:

The only M5M I can stomach is Germany's DW News (Deutsche Welle) coverage:

Whats the difference between Irak's WMD's and the biolabs in Ukraine? Anyone?

Analysis of Russia's current military logistics:


“Infantry wins battles, logistics wins wars.” - General John. J. Pershing

Screw oil. I vote to fund the moonshiners for our new renewable source of fun and energy. Blindness not included.

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