New map of the USA, hard to see how secession works:


Topic suggestion for your podcast:

maps of Poland: 14 maps for 1054 years of history

(I would listen and boost/retweet that episode; borders of Poland were changing quite often)


I shit you not, someone just stumbled in front of the shop because the mask was way up over his eyes. I mean, at this point Darwin will take care of the rest.

You know Forged in Fire? The host, Wil Willis in this video demonstrates the "Ranger Roll" or an efficient technique to pickup a casualty on the field

Do not forget the basics of CQC and the Elbow Destruction. (meme vid)

Welcome @WacoKidd !

Let me nudge a few people to give you a proper NAS welcome.
@jennifer @m00se @ProfWorr @yukiame @shebang

If you have any questions about mastodon, this server, the federation, or other topics - do not hesitate to ask!

@Billistic @DesertDweller I know, I'm such a dick, getting up early, playing music for all of the trolls, taking requests and giving shout-outs, both things you've asked for and gotten Sir Saturday, and get paid the grand total of $0.00 per show.

I give my time because I love music and I want to help the show where I can.

Again, what a dick I am. Bad me.

It's almost time for the

Grumpy Old Bens LIVE! Experience

We are currently warming up the stream.

Tune in now!

I have no idea honestly. Im very green when it comes to firearms. I know the names of a few, other than that i dont know much. I took the firearms safety course as a fuck you to justin trudeaus draconian gun grab. If im gonna talk the talk. I better walk the walk.

I dont want to hear from government that i aught to be afraid of an object because some asshole decided to use that object to kill people.


This Montreal man walked out of a quarantine hotel - YouTube

Nazis 2.0 has hiring practices that ensure their charges are sufficiently stupid to violate people's rights.

@coldacid Took a picture of the local airsoft shop on the corner i think youll like it

At least they are pushing back.

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