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Grumpy Old Bens --> grumpyoldbens.com

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I also do The Rock 'n' Roll Pre-Show for No Agenda LIVE on the noagendastream.com for 2-hours before the No Agenda Show.


@CSB @MountainJay @MikeRiley I think you hit on an important thing that all of the artists should realize, it's all about the concept.

CSB's two lines over Melania will go down in history as a prime example of concept winning out.

The Trendiest Podcast To Be Recorded In A Smoker - HOG STORY - is celebrating 1-YEAR of podcasting excellence tonight.

Congrats to @CarBlanez33 & @Lennoxxreverb

Be sure to call them up at 430-201-4841 and say something from your mouth hole or other orifice of your choice.

Jitsi ??

Click the following link to join the meeting:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Dial-in: +1.512.402.2718 PIN: 4222764158#

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Grumpy Old Bens - EP #51 - Pharma VPN

✔️Firefox has a brand new VPN
✔️Amazon is getting into the pharmacy biz
✔️Ring doorbell now requires 2FA
✔️There is a Roomba-esque pooper-scooper
✔️Our producers are awesome

We talk about these things & more on this EP of .


I'm really surprised that @Johncdvorak didn't get the "Pentium donation" reference. The original Pentium processor was going to be the 586 until Intel was told they couldn't trademark numbers. As a tech columnist JCD should remember that!

Boosted the toot and RT'd the tweet just ahead of the batsignal! I'm just that /guuuuuuuud/

Tune in to a new episode *LIVE* The Best PODcast in the Universe™ noagendashow.com/ You have more than you know!

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