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Program funding for "Smart" Grid in Candanavia.

Another shit show to gauge the public again

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 1001 #@pocketnoagenda

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 981 #@pocketnoagenda

No Agenda Episode 970 - "Golf Bag Nukes"

I have my own therapy cats...

But they don't work as advertised...

Damn now i'm feeling bad to always buy white bic lighters...

Its just easier to see how much butane is left in the darn thing...

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 959 #@pocketnoagenda

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 958 #@pocketnoagenda @therealdvorak

Caricature py Ygrek about the recent Antifa protests in Qu├ębec city couple of days ago

@adam keeping an eye out for the migrant situation in Candanavia, here is an article + clip of Trudeau "triggering" the left

@adam The clip where the old man was talking about "white niggers", the only thing i can think of as a reference could be this

It was writter by an FLQ member though so its some sort of a manifesto about French people in Candanavia.

Wish i had some news about the migrant situation over here but the eclipse is... eclipsing the other news

Canadian Lumber Stocks Tumble On Report US-Canada Timber Trade War To Escalate

@adam I don't know if you are the person to contact for this, but it seems is out of comission, only shows ep 937 on top.