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Separately I am please at various companies for halting political donations:
- JPMorgan Chase & Co. Thank you for suspending donations through your PACSs. Please suspend all political donations of all kinds in perpetuity.
- Visa Thank you for suspending donations through your PACs. Please suspend all political donations of all kinds in perpetuity.
- American Airlines Thank you for suspending all of your political donations. Please refrain from engaging in political donations in the future.

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To my peeps, who is interested in Gun and/or medical and/or survival training?

Many different possible PROPAGANDA outcomes for Wednesday:
1) Massive Pro Trump protests with violence and takeover - Chaos and Dems win
2) Pro Trump Protests with no violence - The National guard saved DC from the insurrection, Dems win
3) No pro trump protests - Trumplicans were scared of the wise deployment of NG, Dems win
4) Agent provocateurs pretending to be trumpers get violent - Dems win
5) CIA False flag to take over govt - Dems win
No down side for the Democrats at this point.

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We are seeing a live exploit of the vulnerability in Democracy that even the ancient Greeks warned us about: If you can get 51% of the population on board through propaganda, brute force, or old-fashioned indoctrination, you can push any agenda you want, no matter how unfair, destructive, or horrific.

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BREAKING: CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” And then asking her conspirator if he was filming, he said he’d delete it, he lied. CNN was in on it.

Asking .gov to control big tech because we've never had anything as powerful as the internet before is like asking .gov to ban modern guns because we've never had any weapons so advanced. The fundamental rights we are entitled to as humans transcend periodic disruptions to our norms. We are problem solvers, we excel with challenges. Let us figure out how to solve the problem without asking someone come in to rig the rules in our favor. Have a little faith.

Anyone here own a business? Anyone ok with asking the government to ensure that anyone can walk into your business and yell whatever the fuck they want? People asking the government to step in to "protect speech" are, in reality, asking for the EXACT opposite. Starbucks is not the only coffee chain, it's just the one that everyone knows about. Its up to you where you spend your time and money. Stop begging for .gov to protect you. Fuckouttahere with that bullshit.

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PSA: The needles used for the vaccine have a snap-on cap that does not fully separate from the syringe. This is designed to prevent accidental needle sticks when nurses try to re-cap a needle. This will cause the needle to appear to have the cap on in some photos or videos.

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The welfare of The People is the alibi of tyrants. — Albert Camus

The locations and coverage of the application of COVID restrictions is starting to feel like battlefields. I'm having trouble elucidating this thought, but maybe someone else will understand that.

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Twice a week I go grocery shopping at a well known grocery chain. Since December 1st in The Netherlands face diapers have become mandatory in public area's including shops. I have never worn one while shopping and I still refuse to do so at the risk of a €95 fine. The employees of the shop are no problem. None have said a word about it yet. While other people look at me like I am a criminal, I look around for other non mask wearers. So far I have not seen one. All these sheep sadden me 😟

Worth the few minutes to watch.... It's very easy to change votes in Dominion, this is no bullshit PROOF

While I do not condone this behavior, or maybe I do who knows, Gov. Murphy's response is pretty telling. He let's this group of foul mouth ladies guilt him into wearing his mask. A gutless piece of shit...

One of THE MOST underrated SNL sketch of all time.....if you ask me...

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"Let us not criticize Governor Newsom, perhaps he's just offered us all deliverance from his own folly. Nor should we criticize the California Legislatures who ignored travel and quarantine restrictions to travel to junket in Hawaii. Nor Speaker Pelosi for choosing not to wear a mask in a hair salon that was forced to close for the rest of us. Good for them! They're demonstrating by their actions the freedom that every American citizen needs to reclaim from the very same people. The governor should make his own decisions about running his own life. I only ask that he and his ilk will stop telling the rest of us how to run ours." -- Rep. Tom McClintock, California.
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