@Effortless Birx covers her neck but she carries the marks. She's turned. All she needs is fresh blood.

@Klaatu @adam
I want to have a decent for when the shit hits the fan. Sourcing from Europe (NL). Any pointers? Handy or large? Dipolar antenna?
Advice is appreciated.

They wouldn't take a submarine to sabotage , would they? I mean, the is our ally, isn't it? It wouldn't FORCE to buy from up the US country, would it? 😳

🇳🇱 :
1. Civil servants of the Ministry of Finance bring out advise that states that the bankruptcy of small and medium businesses will not disrupt society. Their boss is Minister (spy) Sigrid Kaag.
2. Nederland, the organization representing these smaller businesses, proudly raises the flag.
Is 'going to hell in a handbasket' still a current expression? 🔥

in ' 🇳🇱 parliament. leader Thierry Baudet notes that minister Sigrid Kaag (ex-Shell, ex-UN) was educated in St. Anthony's college in Oxford, recruiting grounds for spies.
The whole government walks out. What else can you do? Especially if you're a spy? 🕵🏻

@Sir_Fromgar Or wet? No.
This wasn't Africa. You could take it to the inside of the school building.

@Dogismycopilot Oh right. This is one of those cases where I didn't read it well enough. OK.

@zalo Take it to rehab. Bring her along with the crack pipe in an evidence bag.
Break up. She calls herself 'Becky'? Rebecca would have been fine. Not this. And it shows. She's thick as a door.

@Eliza No. Just broadband internet and digital television, 24/7.

@Dogismycopilot Come on! If you're the last of 27 generations of people who went to Jerusalem, then what's your name? Are you a St.Clair? What? You're a descendant of crusaders.
My name is Smit and my family's history can be traced to the 18th century. That's it. That's where it stops.

Open air school.
This is supposed to have happened in 1957 in . 🇳🇱 For better health. Never heard of it.

@frick Wow! You have black panthers in the neighbourhood? 😳

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