They wouldn't take a submarine to sabotage , would they? I mean, the is our ally, isn't it? It wouldn't FORCE to buy from up the US country, would it? 😳

🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓 🚨
Car chase involving 14 vehicles, Tuesday 26 October, 22:03, -Noord, , , . 🇳🇱

takes this closure of the restaurant to court. From 17:30 time () you can follow the court, if you understand Dutch, on the . ⚡

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🇧🇪 It turns out that the in Belgium was caused not (just) by the rainfall, but more so by opening the locks on the dam at Verviers. (A similar complaint was heard in Germany.) Here, this was a decision by the Walloon minister of Climate, Environment, Energy, Philippe Henry, member of , a green party. I can't help but wonder if he wanted to give the Climate Emergency a little push. These people are fanatics. 🇪🇺

, who @adam interviewed, reports that (AMS🛬 ) is seeing through a lot of shipments of vaccines to the countries of who have forced vaccination. It's said these are from China. 💉 🌐 🇨🇳

: Group of doctors and scientists join against the narrative and pseudo-science. They're from North-Western Yerp. 🔬

for in , , United States of . 🇳🇱 🇪🇺
The protest was not allowed by the deputy mayor because 'there were indications that certain groups were planning to disturb the peace'.
It became a game of cat-and-mouse between the organization and the police. The initial location of the Jaarbeursplein was cancelled. The organizers would disclose another location at the very last moment.
Here's my report…

wants to force everyone to carry a smartphone with a tracking app. This is part of Big 's initiative to monitor corona infection. is safe, off course. @adam

Normal people are asked to take measures against a virus and Italy is closed. Not for . The US sends >20.000 troops to . ☣️ 🛬

forgets that it is a member of , just like . Coast guard and/or navy vessels collide. Meanwhile threatens other NATO members with an invasion of battle-hardened types if his demands are not met. EU officials listen respectfully. Welcome to ! 🇪🇺

in the Middle Ages. They have been clustering towards the since then… 

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