The issue with titanium dioxide is that it's used as small as nano particulate. Law makers don't appreciate the difference.
I'm trusting you will never read this message. ⚗️
Further info:

Another 'Big Secret' revealed… 😀
Someone triggered my bullshit radar with a YouTube video 'explaining' “…there is a highly toxic substance, that is attached to the hydrogen molecule.” He's talking about , which the Germans spent enormous efforts on trying to produce in , . 🇳🇴 But now, it's everywhere and letting us function at a sub-optimum level?
If you do not understand , step away from the subject. ⚗️

Want to try a by inhaling sulphurhexafluoride? Loose that from your bucket list. Why? There's some 1000 ppm of impurities in SF6. Take a stab at what kind of compounds those are. It's not oxygen.
Here are actual teachers showing what you should not. Morons.

Enough nonsense about on testing swabs. Here's my view on this substance: How does it compare with ammonia and formaldehyde? ⚗️

'Bomb grade chemicals' found in Denmark. That annoys me as much as 'standard burglary tools'. A real journalist should call anyone with a fair understanding of chemistry to prevent such retarded reporting. ⚗️

Let me get this straight: Deoxygenation is caused by the temperature being raised worldwide, warming up the oceans. Gases become airborne and oxygen is no exception. Somehow, CO₂ is. We've been told that because of us humans, the CO₂ in the air increased FIRST and THEN the temperature went up. And MORE CO₂ got dissolved in the oceans, causing acidification.
If this makes sense to you, then please explain it to me. ⚪

-fats are bad. -fats are good. I suppose that's why 'cis' is seen as opposite to 'trans'. They seem to have taken it from . For oleic acid, I show you what it looks like.

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